Kamchatka flooding prevents repair of the damaged section of the pipeline

© Fotolia / Julia MashkovaКамчатка. Archival photoKamchatka flooding prevents repair of the damaged section of the pipeline© Fotolia / Julia Mashkova

Complicated situation with floods prevents the repair section of the pipeline, due to damage which no fuel left in the village of Sobolevo in Kamchatka, reports the regional government.

As previously informed the authorities of the region, depressurization of gas pipeline in the area of the river Kolpakova Sobolewska in the area occurred on may 9. Was stopped the fuel supply to the boiler of the village Sobolevo, which led to them to stop and shutdown of a heat supply of the settlement. Taken in the village of modular boilers allowed to provide heat in houses and social objects.

«We still have to install the truss spans, which are directly above the bed of the river Kolpakova will go pipeline. Sorry, we currently perform these works can not, because the water level in the river Kolpakova has risen to an abnormal level,» lead regional authorities the words of Deputy General Director of JSC «kamchatgazpom» Pavel Krotov.

According to him, to restore gas supply to the village will not until the beginning of July, after the recession of the water level in the river. Earlier, representatives of the company promised to complete all work by June 22. «It’s been a month and a half after the accident. We had a serious effort be made to establish the heating in the village of Sobolevo. And we agreed a month ago that by June 22, all work will be performed. And a warning to «Kamchatgazpom» was that the river might overflow, there may be a flood. Unfortunately, colleagues, these questions have not been addressed», — said the Governor of Kamchatskiy Krai Vladimir Ilyukhin, who checked the progress of reconstruction work.

He urged the representatives of the gas company not to slow down the pace of works and after their completion in the shortest possible time to prepare the technical documentation for running the facility.

Currently the heating season in the village of Sobolevo completed, the heat from the modular boiler is supplied only to social objects. The next heating season will start in the village tentatively from September 15.