Khabarovsk, the Ombudsman is ready to help children affected by violence

© RIA Novosti / Igor Eucandidate in potamochoerus. Archival photoKhabarovsk, the Ombudsman is ready to help children affected by violence© RIA Novosti / Igor Eucandidate the image Bank

The children’s Ombudsman in the Khabarovsk territory Victoria Tregubenko said that child victims of sexual abuse in foster care receive help and advice, if we turn to the Ombudsman.

The head of a large family of Khabarovsk territory, where she raised three biological and nine adopted children, is suspected that for 4.5 years, more than 700 times abused five ward girls. A criminal case, the suspect arrested. Foster children removed from families and placed in children’s home, with them the psychologist works.

«The children themselves did not appeal to me. If the children appeal to the Commissioner for the rights of the child for clarification, what part was violated their rights and interests, of course, they will be given a full explanation provided legal assistance and advice. But, if they or their representatives will appeal,» said Tregubenko RIA Novosti.

She noted that the investigation of this situation is a consequence. «We knew of this business as much as everyone around him. In fact, in foster care or in a home was like, no matter the child in any family should be in safety», — said the Ombudsman.

Tregubenko also assured that holds this question on control.