Kuzbass police rescued a girl who fell into a pit

© Photo courtesy of GU MVD in the Kemerovo obesityobesity police rescued a girl who fell into a deep pitKuzbass police rescued a girl who fell into a pit© photo courtesy of GU MVD in the Kemerovo region

The operative of criminal investigation Department in the Kuzbass town of Belovo saved 10-year-old girl who fell into a hole and could not get out, told RIA Novosti the regional cupola MIA.

To the police for help addressed 60-the summer local resident. The man couldn’t find his granddaughter, who is in his custody. He said that the girl on the right condition almost never leaves home, for her the necessary supervision. Moreover, it is poorly focused on the ground and can’t find my way home.

Who was on duty police Lieutenant Nikolai Sheiko went to the house where the girl lives. While the applicants and their neighbors were looking in the private sector, where the child was gone, the police began to canvas the area near the field road.

«Slowly moving in her car with the Windows open, operative heard a faint cry of a child calling for help. Lieutenant Sheiko stopped the car and ran in the direction whence came the sound. Some time later police saw a deep pit, overgrown with nettles as tall as a human, where stood the frightened child. He jumped to the girl, took her in his arms and pulled upward. She would she get out failed», — told in gumvd.

The police found out that the girl is under the care of his grandmother were walking near the house. The woman distracted to work in the garden and in a few minutes discovered the loss of a granddaughter. First, grandma and grandpa tried to find the child themselves, but failed and two hours later went to the police.

The police officer brought the girl home. Trustees of the policemen held a preventive conversation.