Lack of sleep, work, mortgages: what’s not to like Russians in adult life

© Fotolia / Minerva StudioСтресс in the workplaceLack of sleep, work, mortgages: what’s not to like Russians in adult life© Fotolia / Minerva Studio

Twitter is gaining momentum launched in early June, a flashmob about the realities of adult life. Users share their experiences under the hashtag #ВзрослениеВ5словах (in the English version — #AdultingIn5Words). RIA Novosti has compiled the most succinct definition from Russian users.

Predictable the most common complaints of adult life was the lack of sleep, money and fatigue.

when I’m OK I sleep? #adultingin5words

— kale ૐ (@ka1era) 23 Jun 2017

Time remains to live only at night. #adultingin5words

— Stan (@tamedsun) June 22, 2017

#Adultingin5Words How I want to have a quiet hour

— Appease your mother… (@boltologia) June 22, 2017

— you have an overdue on the loan.#ВзрослениеВ5Словах

the snail is a sociopath (@a_nikolaenkov) June 22, 2017

Fatigue, despair, wine on the stock. #AdultingIn5Words

— Alice (@satchitt) June 22, 2017

The need to work also does not cause users much enthusiasm.

I want to live, but you have to work. #AdultingIn5Words

— オリカ (@Ol4is) 23 Jun 2017

Sorry, I have to work. #AdultingIn5Words

— Lyubimov, Vladimir (@LyubimovV) 23 Jun 2017

Someone suffering brings awareness of the fact of growing up. Others do not hurry to part with children’s habits and infantilism.

Sellers in shops younger than you#ВзрослениеВ5Словах

— Dmitry Malukov (@DmitryMalukov) June 22, 2017

I’m still waiting for when I grow up #adultinginfivewords #adultingin5words

— Asya Andreeva (@Vienta_Esc) June 22, 2017

my students think I’m an adult… #adultingin5words

— Tatiana Sharapa (@Tanya_Shy) June 22, 2017

«better go ask your mother»#ВзрослениеВ5Словах #AdultingIn5Words

— Andrey Layout (@AndreyGaripov) June 22, 2017

The General trend is the mismatch of user expectations from adulthood and reality — can be described in one tweet:

In my childhood I thought would be different…
#adultinginfivewords #adultingin5words #взрослаяжизньв5словах

— ズノ丂ムズノζズム (@KiraKicka) June 22, 2017