mine «Intinsky» after the collapse of the breed is working normally

© Photo : Intasata INTA in the Komi Republic. Archive photomine «Intinsky» after the collapse of the breed is working normally© Photo : INTA

Mine «Intinsky» in the Komi Republic after the collapse of the rocks continues to work in a regular mode, have informed RIA of news a source in emergency services of the region.

Earlier it was reported that after the collapse of the mine placed on the surface 191 of the miner, the fate of one miner is unknown. On-site emergency work two offices of rescuers. In the area of the collapse there were 16 people — 15 of them have already reached the surface.

«Mine works in a regular mode», — said the Agency interlocutor.

As explained RIA Novosti the representative of the Republican Central Board MOE, the message about the collapse of the rocks in the mine «Intinsky» arrived at 08.45. Life support systems in the mine are operating normally. The work involved 15 employees of the INTA platoon militarized is mountain-saving group.

«Intaugol» — one of the two coal enterprises of the Republic of Komi, along with the «Vorkutaugol». Its main asset field of the INTA, and INTA the shaft — forming enterprise in the monotown of INTA. In March 2016 with the mine «Intinsky» because of the incident associated with an outbreak of methane, were evacuated for 55 workers, no one was hurt. The mine was closed by order of Rostekhnadzor for 60 days or until the elimination of the requirements of the Department. At the beginning of April coal production at the mine was resumed.