MOE enhances viagraprice in Siberia to fight the fires

© RIA Novosti / Anton Vergonville MOE. Archival photoMOE enhances viagraprice in Siberia to fight the fires© RIA Novosti / Anton vergun

The Mi-8 helicopter and amphibious aircraft be-200 arrived in Irkutsk oblast for protection of settlements from wildfires, told RIA Novosti in the press service of the Siberian regional center of EMERCOM of Russia.

On the territory of Irkutsk region, Zabaikalsky Krai and Buryatia, to the Kezhma district, Krasnoyarsk territory has a state of emergency in the forests due to natural wildfires.

«Aviation relocated from other regions for the protection of settlements from wildfires. In the Irkutsk region there have arrived the amphibian be-200 and Mi-8 helicopter,» — said the press service.

It is noted that after refueling, fuel and water, be-200 aircraft will conduct aerial surveillance of areas for adjustments to the plan for extinguishing of fires, after which the aircraft will begin to extinguish four fires in the complex of the Baikal region. Also, for delivery in remote areas firefighters Marines will apply the Mi-8 helicopter. «If necessary, the aircraft, equipped with overflow device, will be used to eliminate fire,» — said the Agency.

As emphasized, aviation rescue group is also involved in the TRANS-Baikal and Buryatia, which enables to prevent the spread of fires.