More than 600 thousand students across Russia will celebrate the graduation

© RIA Novosti / Alexei Mangalapura in fotobounce. Festivities yesterday’s schoolchildren. Archival photoMore than 600 thousand students across Russia will celebrate the graduation© RIA Novosti / Alexei Mangalapura the image Bank

More than 600 thousand of Russian schoolchildren this Friday, their long-awaited diplomas and gold medals, will begin to celebrate graduation.

Traditionally the best graduates of this year will be awarded in the Kremlin. This day will announce the winners of the award «the Graduate-2017», which will be determined by a vote in ten categories.


The most ambitious in the country the festival will be held in Moscow Park of culture and rest named after Gorky. This year’s graduation festivities, there will be devoted to the 870th anniversary of the capital. The Park divided into different themed zones, participants will journey through the different periods of city history from the twelfth century to the present. On the main stage of the Park will sing popular Russian singers, on Fountain square will be a real ball, and start the disco until the morning will give loud bursts of fireworks.

Weather Moscow graduates this year no luck. As told RIA Novosti in the weather centre «a Fobos» on Friday in the region will be cloudy, places will be intermittent rain. The air temperature in the capital will be only about 17 — 19 degrees and 15 — 20 at the region. In the night of Saturday precipitation can not wait, but the thermometer will show from 7 to 9 degrees.

As in previous years, graduation parties will be provided with security, including anti-terrorism. Graduates will be guarded by more than 12 thousand employees of Regardie. In squares, parks, squares and embankments organize patrols and, if necessary, may be exposed to additional outfits. Muscovites are also waiting for the temporary traffic in the city centre. So, from 15.00 Friday to 07.00 Saturday the movement will be restricted in the Fish alley, from 20.00 to midnight — in the street Ilyinka in the area from the Exchange to the red square. After that, five more hours restrictions on Ilyinka will be in effect from Exchange to the Old square.


In St. Petersburg prom every year turns into a citywide celebration «Scarlet sails». The twenty-seventh of June, 1968 in Leningrad, the students first saw on the Neva river the ship under crimson sails, which later became the emblem of the holiday. The tradition was interrupted in 1979 and was revived only after 25 years.

«Since 2005, when it was decided to resume the tradition, the organizers try to bring in the idea of a holiday is something new, give it a particular sound. «Scarlet sails — 2017» will talk about what the future will be. That is the world that will create today’s graduates. «The future starts today!», — this is the motto of this festival of graduates», — stated in the message of organizers of the celebration.

The holiday of graduates of schools «Scarlet sails» will begin at 22.00 on Palace square with a bright theatrical prologue. Specially for the festival built a scene with static and moving screens, a special cableway for aerial theatre. Some colorful episodes talk about the art, space, poetry and the nature of the future, 2017 is the year of the environment, and this theme will be reflected in the concept of the holiday.

After the official opening and traditional strike the bell on stage will rise the popular Russian performers. Tonight the graduates will perform the band «Surganova and orchestra», Serebro, Artic&Asti, «Marseille», Max Barsky and Alexander Panayotov. The headliner of the concert will be the team Ilya Lagutenko «Mumiy Troll». Leading, like last year, will Urgant Ivan and Dasha Alexandrova.

At 00.40 in the waters of the Neva will start light fireworks show. The culmination will be the appearance in the span of the Trinity bridge, the symbol of the dream — Brigantine under scarlet sails. Traditionally the role of the ship from the novel by Alexander grin will come from Swedish sailing ship «Tre Kronor».

«Musical Suite, accompanying a show that combines different genres and styles in the most unexpected performance. The use of exotic and ethnic instruments (luminous electric violin, the scoreboard, the witness) will create nothing like the atmosphere of the mysterious future. Completely new will be revealed and the traditional «Scarlet sails» musical themes Dunaevsky, Glier and Soloviev-Sedov», — noted the organizers. The song «Evening song», «This big world» and the unofficial anthem of Leningrad University students Brigantina will be performed by Opera singers Volodymyr Cerebroscope and Methodius bujara, the Duo of Svetlana Surganova and the frontman of the band Tequilajazzz Yevgeny Fyodorov.

This year, two invitations to the festival will receive more than 30 thousand graduates of St. Petersburg. Entrance on the Palace embankment and the Palace square will be open for them.

Thousands of citizens and guests of the city will be able to see the show on the embankments of St. Petersburg. For convenience of citizens in the night from 23 to 24 June, metro will operate without interruption.