Moscow international film festival opened in the 39-th time

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Moscow international film festival opened in the Russian capital in the 39th time the ceremony began with songs of the official representative the Ministry of foreign Affairs Maria Zakharova, dedicated to the defenders of the Fatherland. President of the festival Nikita Mikhalkov was awarded the prize with Italian actor Franco Nero, and Alexander Revva in the image of Arthur Pirozhkov confessed the actress and member of jury of Ornella Muti in love.

Moscow international film festival was first held in 1935 and the jury was directed by Sergei Eisenstein. Since 1959, the festival has been held regularly. Over the past decade, the popularity of the festival and its impact on the world filmmaking process have grown significantly.

Song wars

In 2017 the opening of the festival coincided with the date of the great Patriotic war. In honor of this from the stage of the cinema «Russia» performed the song Maria Zakharova «Return the memory» performed by the singer Nargiz Zakirova. As told RIA Novosti Mikhalkov as soon as he learned that Zakharova writes songs, he immediately asked him to send them. Then recording the songs connected music producer and composer Maxim Fadeev.

«We all used to think that the world is a completely natural state, a state of no war — what was given to us just the right life. We were wrong, it’s not. The world is a man — made phenomenon. This song, although it sounds June 22, she about heroes today, about those who are doing it so we sat in the hall and enjoyed the life. It’s about those of our people who are fighting in Syria,» Zakharova said after performing the song.

The diplomat told RIA Novosti that she was too shy to send her song, as she does not know notes and did not receive a special musical education. «Just came up with the melody and lyrics, can’t call it poetry. When I mentioned to Nikita (Mikhalkov), I was forced to send the song» — said the Agency interlocutor.

The festival jury

More frivolous the spirit of the festival betrayed the presentation by Alexander Revva. He is in the image of Arthur Pirozhkov sang a song about Adriano Celentano. In the video for this song previously starred member of the jury of the festival Ornella Muti. On the screen until Revva portrayed Celentano, flashed images from the film «the taming of the shrew». Then Revva-Pies with the words «Ornella, I love you» presented Muti and the other members of the jury of the main competition — Finnish Director Jorn Donner, Spanish Director albert Serra, the Russian playwright Alexander Adabashyan, a member of the New German film Fund Film Board Brigitte Mantey.

The Chairman of jury of competition, Iranian Director Reza Mirkarimi, invited on stage the President of the festival Nikita Mikhalkov. «It is important to understand why we invited you, Lisa, because it is better to take you by the Chairman of the jury, what with your film, because the third time you can take the «George» (the main prize of the festival). Is our security», — said Mikhalkov.

According to tradition, he handed the Golden Mirkarimi judicial circuit, which, according to the President of the festival, has to protect the jury, and the rest of the jury from the Chairman. Together they opened a festival slamming the «firecracker».

Contribution to cinema

To award the prize for outstanding contribution to cinema went to Hollywood producer Paul Maslansky. He produced all the parts of the Comedy «Police Academy», and also worked with the Soviet filmmaker Mikhail Kalatozov. To give the prize to its rightful owner prevented numerous stories, which scenes were told Maslansky Mikhalkov.

According to the Director, when Maslansky worked on the project «Red tent,» all the doormen in the Leningrad hotel Astoria remembered Maslyanskoe after a single case.

«After dinner Paul returned to the hotel, saw machine for cleaning shoes and asked the porter what it does. The doorman told him to order something, and the Floor got on his knees and asked to be added to comb your hair,» — said Mikhalkov.

The award was presented by the Italian actor Franco Nero, who gained popularity after she starred in the spaghetti Western «Django». Nero also did not remain in debt and told how he got acquainted with Mikhalkov, — once as Chairman of the jury handed Mikhalkov «Golden shell» at the film festival in San Sebastian for the film «unfinished piece for mechanical piano». Then they broke all the rules of the festival, as Nero the day before the awards met Mikhalkov at the bar and told him that he will receive the prize of the festival.

Franco received the award from Mikhalkov, said that he worked in Russia with Sergei Bondarchuk and Alexander Abdulov. «And now I made the film with another Russian Director, Vladislav Kozlov. They made a movie about Rodolfo Valentino, where I play soul, Valentino, and tomorrow we see it,» said the actor.

Indian epic opening

The opening film was Indian painting «was Bahubali. The end» directed by S. S. Rajamouli. This historical adventure epic can be called a kind of Indian version of the legend of King Arthur. Prince Chibudu, who was saved from persecution and raised the common people, having reached the peak of his powers, learns about his origins and wants to find out why the person who opened him the truth, when something killed him magnanimous and wise father-ruler.

As openly admitted by the President of the festival Nikita Mikhalkov, the second part of the Indian epic, has caused public criticism. «As so, offer the Indian cinema! But it is quite another Indian movie, powerful, and in General Asian cinema, the middle East is experiencing a boom. This blockbuster, which has already collected $ 240 million, it is made in the tradition of modern cinema, but built on the Indian epic,» protect the opening film of Mikhalkov.

The program

According to him the official program submitted 247 films — 153 94 feature-length and short films. The competition program this year includes 13 films from China («Crested IBIS»), Denmark («Hell»), Spain («Selfie»), Argentina («Symphony for Ana»), Finland («Zvezdice»), Japan («April sleep length in three years»), Korea (the»Ordinary man»), Germany and Austria («Best of all possible worlds»), of India («dive»), Turkey («Yellow heat»).

Russia was represented by the painting «Carp frostbitten» by Vladimir Kott with Alisa Freundlich, Marina Neelova and Yevgeny Mironov in the lead roles, «Bag without a bottom» Rustam Khamdamov and «Buy me» Vadim Perelman, the acclaimed Director of the series «Infidelity». At the festival there will be contests of short films and documentaries.

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