On the second circle: how to refinance

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MOSCOW, June 23 — RIA Novosti, Natalia Dembinski. In may, the banks gave the Russians a record this year number of credits — by 33.7% compared with the same month last year.

In National Bureau of credit histories such activity of credit institutions associated with the fact that banks have restored the pre-crisis risk appetite.

In 2016, the trustworthiness of borrowers studied literally under a magnifying glass — then get a loan shone only citizens with ideal credit history and a low debt load.

Now, when the Russian economy stabilized, banks, as explained in national Bureau of credit histories, are finding more opportunities to expand unsecured lending.

Now loans fell markedly. And the June decline in the key rate of the Central Bank to 9% per annum has further pushed them down. On the market there has been a steady trend to lower interest rates.
Bet decides

Borrowers in this situation it is much easier to refinance and thus to deal with old debts.

Experts, however, warn that refinancing is not an absolute good. And it is justified only if the new loan is taken at lower interest rates and for a longer period, in this case, the debt load is reduced.

«Economic sense in refinancing is only the case if the rate on the new loan is significantly (3-5% minimum) lower than the existing ones,» explains Roman tsivinyuk, Vice-President, head of retail block SMP Bank.

«It is possible that the need for a new loan is not: a Bank is primarily interested in the fact that the borrower repaid the loan and did not go late, so banks today offer their customers various programs of restructuring,» says Zepinic.

Problematic customers, such programs may not be available. For those who have a bad credit history, the Bank may not be prepared to meet, because he needs to understand how people will be to give again the money taken.

If the financial situation of the borrower has improved, the Bank is more likely to offer him a refinance. Well, if you already have loan debt, such a possibility is less.

Thus, if the loan is seriously overdue, you can try to apply to other banks. «In fact, it’s the same definiowanie, but the purpose of the loan other — loan repayment in another Bank», — says Sergey Leonidov, Director of comparison service banks and insurance companies «Cf.ru».Even the banks and look at the number of hits, the chance of «skip» is always there: it may happen that the application will approve several credit institutions, and here is another temptation.

«Some borrowers on the joys take money «from several banks,» appearing in the end in debt,» — said the President of the collection Agency «Sequoia Credit consolidation» Elena Dokuchaeva.

Perekreditovka, she said, must be done so delicately, then the borrower could repay the new loan with interest.

Carefully read the contract

Bankers insist that interest rate is the main criterion, and no pitfalls there. «New credit just needs to be cheaper and more understandable for the borrower. The rate should be lower, but the period can be longer,» says Ilya Zibarev, head of «Retail business» Bank «the Russian standard».

Big is not always best

Often the borrower, taking the credit in Bank under the small and not the most attractive cent, thinks will appeal to the Bank is larger there and the conditions are better and the percentage below.

Bankers from top-30 of the same opinion. «As a rule, in larger organizations the credit terms more attractive because of economies of scale, business costs are not so seriously affect the value of the bet,» — noted in SMP Bank.

However, according to observers, this logic is not always true.

«The larger the Bank, the higher its requirements to the borrower, but the banks of the middle segment, targeting large volumes of attracting customers, less demanding, explains Leonids.

General recommendation: the Bank has made concessions, to communicate with him as openly as possible need to voice the reasons why you cannot pay the debt, such as the loss of a job. To the credit of the «fugitives», the Bank will inevitably impose penalties that will grow like a snowball. In the end, the person falls in the field of view of collectors. As noted in the market, in fact it closes forever the possibility of obtaining loans in the future.