Prosecutors ready to replace Messi prison term for tax evasion fine

© AP Photo / Manu FernandezНападающий futbol club Barcelona Lionel Messi. Archival photoProsecutors ready to replace Messi prison term for tax evasion fine© AP Photo / Manu Fernandez

Spanish prosecutors agreed to replace Argentine footballer of «Barcelona» Lionel Messi the penalty of imprisonment on charges of tax evasion for a period of 21 months, suspended for a monetary penalty, claims Marca.

Messi had previously been convicted of tax evasion in the amount of 4.1 million euros of revenues for the sale of image rights. While father Jorge Messi, initially, received the same term — 21 months — as the coordinator of the fraudulent scheme, the term was later reduced to 15 months.

According to the Spanish legal traditions, those sentenced for non-violent crimes for a period of less than two years are imprisoned behind bars, except in those cases where there were some precedents, which in the case of Messi and his father not.

According to El Mundo, in the end, Messi will pay a fine in the amount of 252 thousand euros, and his father was 180 thousand, and these amounts based on the criteria applied to other Argentine player of Barcelona — Javier Mascherano, who was given a similar punishment by the same Catalan court.