The case of editor-in-chief «Strenia» not a fight with the media, said Lutsenko

© RIA Novosti / Stringreplace in fotobanka Lutsenko. Archival photoThe case of editor-in-chief «Strenia» not a fight with the media, said Lutsenko© RIA Novosti / Stringreplace the image Bank

The Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko said that the case against editor-in-chief «Strenia» Igor Guzhva is not directed against journalists in General.

Before Lutsenko said that the editor of the Ukrainian Internet-editions «Strenia» Guzhva was detained in Kiev on charges of extortion. The leader of the movement «the Ukrainian choice — the right of the people», the representative of Kiev in the humanitarian sub-group on Donbass Viktor Medvedchuk believes that the detention of the chief editor of the Internet publication «Strenia» Igor Guzhva demonstrates the struggle of the Ukrainian authorities on dissent in the country. Medvedchuk said that «the government cynically pursued by the dissent and has consistently destroys the opposition in the country.»

«It is not about the suppression of journalism, it comes to dealing with extortionists who have a «crust» (ID — ed) of the journalist», — said Lutsenko at a briefing in Zhytomyr, which was broadcasted by the TV channel «112.Ukraine».

The briefing also demonstrated operational video of the GPU on which the person similar to Guzhva, and his companion sitting in a restaurant and talk. While heard only snatches of conversation, in particular, the source Guzhva said that some people asked him how much it will cost to «get the most». His companion replied, «one hundred to the end of the year.» About what there is a speech, is unclear.

«The source (video — ed) it is the assistant that would later act as the intermediary, will receive the marked money, take them into a package that has the radio beacons. We will publish (the content) and you will see… Then he will knock into the office of Mr Guzhva, buried the money, he will put them in your portfolio and wait for the arrival of the security forces, who will find marked money in his portfolio,» — said Lutsenko.

Under the statement of militiamen, Guzhva demanded 20 thousand dollars, and got half or 10 thousand, for the deployment of compromising materials on the current policy. According to the public Prosecutor, the consequence has video and audiocasettes. In the office of publications were searched. The Deputy of the Radical party Dmitry Linko said that he had extorted money and extortion alleged to have been personally involved Guzhva.

Itself Guzhva believes the case against him planned provocation. The attorney General stated that the Prosecutor intends to request to elect a measure of restraint Guzhva in the form of arrest with the right to bail. At the moment he is in custody, suspected him are not yet filed. The law allows law enforcement officers to bring suspicion and remand three days.