The insulation burned-out skyscraper in London did not meet the standards

© RIA Novosti / Alex Monotonicity in fotobanka in a multistory building in West London. Archival photoThe insulation burned-out skyscraper in London did not meet the standards© RIA Novosti / Alex Monotonicity the image Bank

Insulation of high-rise building in London, where there was a fire that claimed dozens of lives, did not meet safety standards, said a spokesman for Scotland Yard Fiona Maccormick.

«Thermal insulation system and the building did not pass the tests for compliance with fire safety standards,» said a police spokesman.

If what happened on the night of June 14 a fire in a 24-storey residential building social Grenfell Tower in London killed at least 30 people, another 28 were missing and likely dead. Up to 600 residents were evacuated and temporarily housed in nearby community centers, mosques and churches, dozens of people suffered burns, the condition of some victims is estimated as critical. The building was in a not very prosperous, although equipped with a modern social infrastructure, London’s North Kensington. Most of the tenants are immigrants from Africa and the Middle East.

Earlier, the Guardian newspaper reported that the company is repairing a 24-storey residential building in London where there was a large fire that did not apply more refractory panels for facing buildings.