The United States has suspended imports of Brazilian meat

© AP Photo / Dario Lopez-MillsРабочие at the factory in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Archival photoThe United States has suspended imports of Brazilian meat© AP Photo / Dario Lopez-Mills

The US government announced on Thursday the suspension of all imports of meat from Brazil for sanitary reasons.

«We are concerned about the quality of products intended for the American market», — quotes the portal Globo the statement of the Minister of agriculture of the United States Sonny Perdue.

Experts have estimated that Washington’s decision as a serious blow to the Brazilian meat market, which is experiencing a big problem since March of this year after a corruption scandal in the industry. Then after the operation, the Brazilian Federal police had uncovered a corruption scheme involving officials at various levels and private companies to bypass the established sanitary norms. As a result, many countries are temporarily refused from supplies of Brazilian beef.

According to the American authorities, the embargo will remain in place as long as the Brazilian Ministry of agriculture will take appropriate measures, deemed satisfactory by the sanitary authorities of the United States.