Drunken mother of six smashed the Windows of his car before the police

© Fotolia / rosastoСпециальный signal on the roof of a police car. Archival photoDrunken mother of six smashed the Windows of his car before the police© Fotolia / rosasto

. In the Volgograd region the pregnant woman, being drunk, smashed with a tire iron glass of his car after the police decided to evacuate the car on special Parking, told RIA Novosti the representative of the interior Ministry in the region.

«VAZ-2110» with the 37-year-old woman behind the wheel stopped the night in the Volga – «the manner of driving of the driver caused doubts among the guards». Inside sat her husband and six children. It women was slurred, breath smelled of alcohol. Examination on alcohol has shown to 0.78 ppm.

In addition, it appeared that the previous owner of the car deregistered, and the new owners did not put the vehicle on the account. The woman also admitted that four years ago, has been deprived of rights for driving under the influence.

«At a time when the traffic police told the woman that her car will be directed to special Parking, a pregnant took up the crowbar and smashed up all the glass. Reassured, the woman explained what had actually consumed alcohol at a party, and then sat behind the wheel,» — said in the MIA.

As explained RIA Novosti news Agency a source familiar with the situation, the woman is a Gypsy. According to him, all sitting in the car her family.

In relation to offending is composed of two administrative Protocol on drunk driving and violating the rules of registration of cars. The car, as expected, towed specsearch.