Sanctions against Russia can’t last forever, says Italian Prime Minister

© AFP 2017 / Julien Warnand / PoolПремьер-the Minister of Italy Paolo Gentiloni at the summit of European Union leaders in Brussels. 22 Jun 2017Sanctions against Russia can’t last forever, says Italian Prime Minister© AFP 2017 / Julien Warnand / Pool

. Italy believes that the renewal of sanctions against Russia cannot be taken for granted, Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni at the end of the EU summit in Brussels.

«To block decisions taken yesterday, added two themes. One of them was raised at the request of Italy and referred to sanctions over Ukraine. We see the need for a discussion on the possibility of renewal and non-renewal of the sanctions, about their conditions and usefulness regarding results of the Minsk agreement», — he said in Brussels.

The heads of member countries of the European Union at a summit on Thursday agreed to renew economic sanctions against Russia. However, the final decision embodying that took the heads of States should be decided later.

«We do not believe that sanctions can be taken for granted and last forever. And it’s true to say that this topic has stimulated a long and deep discussion. Yesterday, I thought the decision on the extension of sanctions was unanimous, but there have been different nuances, points of view regarding the fact that this can get in the years and months, the main tool on which we rely in this sphere», — said the Prime Minister of Italy at the press conference, which was broadcast by the TV channel Rainews24.