Assange urged Americans to create a replacement for the Democratic party

© RIA Novosti / Alex Monotonicity in fotoangelo Assange at the Embassy of Ecuador in London. Archival photoAssange urged Americans to create a replacement for the Democratic party© RIA Novosti / Alex Monotonicity the image Bank

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange criticized the policy establishment of the US Democratic party and offered to ordinary Democrats to create a new political force. The application of this activist published in Twitter.

According to Assange, the elites have deprived the party of energy when focused on «hysteria around Russia». Drawing attention to «trump’s relations with Russia,» the founder of WikiLeaks believes that «the political impasse», as even Senate Democrats with access to intelligence information, are forced to admit that evidence there is no such connection.

The present course of the democratic establishment has led to the fact that the vital interests of the majority of Americans related to class inequality, health care and high levels of crime, are in the shade, says Assange.

Since the current political elite will not relinquish power, ordinary Democrats need to start acting and create a new party, said the activist. From his point of view, the use of Internet technologies and databases about the political preferences of the citizens will make it fast and cheap.

On the US presidential election in November 2016 Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton was defeated, losing to the Republican nominee Donald Trump.

The us special services accuse Russia of involvement in the hacking of the databases of the democratic party and the transfer of information to WikiLeaks during the election campaign. The investigation is about «Russian intervention» are the FBI and both houses of Congress, however, the evidence was not presented. The Kremlin has repeatedly denied such accusations. WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange also denies any connection between the site and Russia.