Bloomberg found out about trump’s plans to achieve «dominance» of the US in energy

© AP Photo / Charlie NeibergallВыступление US President Donald trump in front of supporters in Iowa. 21 Jun 2017Bloomberg found out about trump’s plans to achieve «dominance» of the US in energy© AP Photo / Charlie Neibergall

The US President intends to declare the «energy week» and to call for increased oil and gas exports to achieve «domination» in this field, reports Bloomberg, citing a high-ranking employee of the White house.

As it became known Agency, trump wants to emphasize that the U.S. is ready to become a net exporter of oil, gas, coal and other energy resources. Next week the President should act in the Ministry of energy with a speech on how the export of hydrocarbons from the United States increases its role in the international arena and strengthens relationships with allies.

According to the author, the «energy week», as well as previous events of this kind, aimed at drawing attention to the internal politics of the us administration and therefore the distraction from the unpleasant to the White house, including investigation of «Russian interference» in the presidential election.

The administration of the trump proceeded to the revision of many existing regulations that restrict energy development, the article says. At the direction of the President, the Executive branch had engaged in elimination of legislative barriers impeding the production of energy in the country.

Trump the desire to «rule» US energy journalist calls «a step forward», as for many years politicians and industry representatives spoke about achieving «energy independence» of the country from foreign suppliers of oil and gas. However, the irony is seen in the fact that some steps of the White house can only complicate the situation on the hydrocarbons market, which is already suffering from a glut.

According to estimates of the office of information in the field of energy, which is a division of the U.S. Department of energy, next year’s oil production will reach 10 million barrels per day. Thus, we will have exceeded the record figures of the 1970s, writes Bloomberg.