Britain intends to improve trade relations with 48 countries outside the EU

© AP Photo / Matt DunhamВид the houses of Parliament in London. Archival photoBritain intends to improve trade relations with 48 countries outside the EU© AP Photo / Matt Dunham

The UK government intends to improve trade relations with approximately 48 countries, including the poorest and developing, providing them with more comfortable trading conditions. About it RIA Novosti reported in the office of the British government.

Accepting the obligation, the UK authorities intend to strengthen trade relations with countries outside the European Union, in terms of Brexit.

«This commitment means that about 48 countries, from Bangladesh to Sierra Leone, Haiti and Ethiopia will continue to enjoy duty-free export to the UK on all products, except arms and ammunition», — noted in the office.

In addition, after leaving the EU the UK government plans to consider options for expansion of trade relations with developing countries like Jamaica, Pakistan and Ghana that currently benefit from reduced or zero duties on exported goods to Britain.

According to the Minister of international trade of great Britain Liam Fox, leaving the EU provides the United Kingdom «the opportunity to conclude a new agreement before the rest of the world, and not to depart from them.» «This statement demonstrates our commitment to assisting developing countries in developing their economies and reducing poverty through trade», — he said.

Britain annually imports from poor and developing countries goods by 20 billion pounds, including textile, coffee, tea, cocoa, bananas and flowers.