«Contemporary» will present the premiere of «Lessons of the heart»

© RIA Novosti / Alexei Nicotinate in photobacteria the Moscow theater Contemporary. Archival photo«Contemporary» will present the premiere of «Lessons of the heart»© RIA Novosti / Alexei Nicotinate the image Bank

Moscow theater «Contemporary» is the last premiere of the season, this performance of «heart Lessons» — act plays Irina Vaskovskaya, staged by the famous Director Marina Brusnikina; the premiere will take place on Sunday, June 25, on the «Other stage» of the theater, said his press service.

At the heart of performance «Lessons of the heart», which will premiere on June 25 at the theater «Contemporary», comprises five plays of the young playwright Ural Irina Vaskovskaya, pupil of the famous playwright, actor and Director Nikolai Kolyada. This is a one-act play «Russian death», «heart Lessons», «Girls in love», «Macaques, pizza, and destruction» and Who’s afraid of contemporary art?

To combine all these one-act plays in one performance, the Director helped linking all these works a common theme — a universal, paradoxical, trusting the feeling of love from a woman.

«I have appealed to the work of Irina Vaskovskaya: in the play «the cat of shame», which I put in Ramtha on the basis of three plays, one of which is «March» Vaskovsky. I was attracted by the talent of this Ural playwright, her ability to speak about such seemingly well-known to everyone as the dream of love, about happiness. Vaskovsky have their own special view of the world», — told RIA Novosti Brusnikina.

This is the second staged by Marina Brusnikina in the «contemporary». Last season, together with artist Nikolay Simonov, who works with her in the new play, she released the play «Tell me people, where is this train…». However, unlike the previous one, in fact, epic productions, «Lessons of the heart» — a fundamentally intimate history and modern brand, so the «Other scene» is the most suitable platform for this performance.

«The cast all the actors with whom I worked in my first production in the «contemporary», and many new, but also very talented artists. This theater is the perfect creative atmosphere and working here a pleasure,» said Brusnikina.

In «love Lessons» with a new and unexpected angle will stand the actress Svetlana Ivanova, Darya Belousova, Elena Plaksina, Polina Rashkina, Marina Feoktistova, and actress of the «younger generation.» The only age role — Mother of Larissa — play queue, Inna Timofeeva and Marina Khazova. The show features a male character, played by Ilya Lykov.

Together with the Director and set designer on the creation of productions worked: costume designer Julia Staroverova, choreographer Irina, GA and author of music Alena Khovanskaya.