Fedor Emelianenko got knocked out, but not going to finish his career

© AP Photo / Gregory Radiosity fighter Fedor Emelianenko lost to American Matt Mitrione knockout. 25 Jun 2017Fedor Emelianenko got knocked out, but not going to finish his career© AP Photo / Gregory Payan

Renowned Russian master of the mixed single combats 40-year-old Fedor Emelianenko on Saturday in new York (USA) lost by knockout in the first round, the 38-year-old American Matt Mitrione in the framework of the fight night Bellator 180 suffered their first defeat since the resumption of performances. However the renowned athlete said that he intends to continue sports career.

The fight at Madison square garden ended in the opening round victory of the American. Opponents in the first minute held mutual attack, culminating in a powerful blow, and then fell. But Mitrion managed to climb faster and caused Emelianenko some heavy blows in orchestra seats, and in the second minute of the match the referee stopped the fight.

Initially, the meeting Emelianenko and Mitrione had to go on February 18 in San Jose (United States), but the fight was cancelled due to the fact that the American was in the hospital due to kidney disease.

For Emelianenko Saturday’s fight was third after returning to the sport. The Russians in July 2015, announced the resumption of a career after a three year break. Emelianenko spent in mixed martial arts 41 fights, won 36 victories and five defeats. Mitrion been in the UFC and Bellator, has a record of 12 wins and five defeats.

Emelianenko will continue his career and focused on revenge

«You would, would like, — said Emelianenko, answering a question of journalists whether he plans to return to the US to conduct rematch with Metronom. Because movement has a mutual, and Matt a little earlier, put (up)». The athlete noted that not experiencing health problems after conceding a powerful impact: «I Feel good. The medical examination was held. Everything is fine». He stressed that he was well ready to fight. «I think in training I give 100%,» said the Russian.

Assessing the possibility of a career after this fight, Emelianenko said: «of Course (I continue), I’m a fighter».

At the same time, a senior coach of Russia in combat Sambo Konakov Alexander believes that the athlete should switch to other activities. «Sadly ended the fight — Konakov said the Agency «R-Sport». — Fyodor, of course, have to finish his career. He’s our star, our legend, a national hero, but time is relentless. He needs to make choices and direct their energies in other areas: coaching, active development of MMA in Russia, sharing his rich experience with young people. Fedor is still a great athlete, a good friend and companion. And we are with him always: and when the victories and defeats».

Mitrion called Fedor a great fighter

The winner of the match expressed great respect to the eminent opponent, saying: «I tell you, Fedor is a very smart guy just the highest IQ in the battle. I literally watched as he counted my every move, and look into his eyes at this point is just madness.»

«He’s great, and to have the opportunity to come out and trade punches with him is cool. I was very lucky, and I took the opportunity maximum. I still feel reverence for the mind of Fedor in a cage», — said the American.

Error in attack

The famous Russian master of the mixed single combats Vitaly Minakov considers the failure Emelianenko became a mistake when attacking. «Had a very rare moment when both fighters simultaneously enter and fall — said the Agency interlocutor. — Mitrion bit late with the shot and just threw out a hand towards Frank. Fedor beat the first room, but, in my opinion, he did not do what was done before — usually when these blows were out of the line of attack. And now he did not — a direct attack, but left the place open for a strike forward».

«Such direct quick strokes I took over from Fedora. Don’t let this spectacular tactic to beat with the bias, but it is effective — continued Minakov. And Fedor got more hard hitting and did not have time to recover and rise. And in such a situation who will rise up and strike next, that in most cases, and wins».

Not the day Theodore

The President of a fighting organization Bellator Scott Coker said RIA Novosti that the Russian duel is not specified. «Today, Fedor did not work. Fedor has already reached just in mixed martial arts. He is the greatest fighter of all time. Point. I’ve followed his career, he is a legend. He is a heavyweight and a superhero. You saw today how he waited for the audience. This fight could have turned out differently. If they met 10 times, the score would be 5-5,» stated Coker.

The Agency will not exclude that one of the next fights of Fedor Emelianenko can pass in Russia. «It will be great. I would have wanted. We talked about how to hold something in Russia, but not yet seriously discussed. If he wants to fight in Russia, so we’ll do in Russia. I’d like to go, never in Russia was not,» said Coker.