In an accident in the Stavropol region killed a family from France

© Photo : Management of traffic police across Stavropol in Stavropol KrautIn an accident in the Stavropol region killed a family from France© Photo : Office of the traffic police for the Stavropol territory

Four people were killed and three injured in a traffic accident with a truck in the Stavropol region, informs regional management of traffic police.

«On Sunday the driver of the Chevrolet Captiva, moving in the direction of Mineral Waters, 308 kilometer of the highway yet unknown reasons drove into the oncoming lane, where it collided with a cargo truck MAN. From the received traumas on a place of accident killed 4 people were in the car Chevrolet Captiva: 33-year-old wife and boy 10 years and girl 9 years», — stated in the message.

As noted, the twelve-year-old girl and four-year old boy in serious condition was taken to the hospital. «The blow was such force that the car turned into a pile of metal, and the truck slid into a ditch,» added the Agency.

«According to preliminary information, Chevrolet was a family from France, they have a Russian-French citizenship. The use of child restraint devices specified, however, violation of rules of transportation on the face — contrary to the rules on the back seat were four people», — noted in the message.

Presumably, the Chevrolet driver could fall asleep at the wheel. The driver MAN was also hospitalized, currently the circumstances specified, the data of the dead and injured out

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