Medvedev praised the contribution of FGC to the strengthening of energy security in Russia

© RIA Novosti / Dmitry to Attachability in fotoreceptor of the government of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev. Archival photoMedvedev praised the contribution of FGC to the strengthening of energy security in Russia© RIA Novosti / Dmitry attachability to the photobank

Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev congratulated on the 15th anniversary the collective of the JSC «Federal grid company of Unified energy system» (FGC UES) and noted the company’s contribution to enhancing energy security of the country, according to the website of the Cabinet on Sunday.

Medvedev called the creation of the FGC an important stage of reform and development of strategically important for the Russian power industry. «All these years, FGC UES manages effectively the national energy network, provides quality services to the regions, provides technical supervision over the objects. Today the company is among the world leaders in terms of reliability in high-voltage networks, makes a significant contribution to strengthening the energy security of the country», — the telegram says.

Medvedev also noted the investment and innovation activity of the company, which, according to him, today is dynamically developing, modernizing substations, introducing technology, installs modern equipment, and actively participates in the program of import substitution. An important direction, according to the Prime Minister, is the charitable and educational activities of FGC UES, support education, culture and sports.

«For these achievements by the daily work of power, of people of different professions, who love their job and are responsible to him. I am sure that the experience, professionalism, dedication, and will continue to be key to your success», — said the head of government.

FGC UES provides services for electricity transmission on the Unified national electric grid (UNEG). Among the activities of the company — provision of services to subjects of the wholesale market of electric energy by electric energy transmission and connection to electric network, maintenance of electrical networks.