Politico learned of the «secret channel» of cooperation between Russia and the United States

© AP Photo / J. David Acemannan of Washington, USAPolitico learned of the «secret channel» of cooperation between Russia and the United States© AP Photo / J. David Ake

Against the background of worsening relations came back to life «behind the scenes» channel of cooperation between Moscow and Washington, the newspaper Politico.

«The cornerstone of peace in the twenty-first century, positive relations between Russia and the USA,» reads one of the covenants of the Russian-American Commission on POWs and missing persons. In mid-June the organization raised for the first time since 2005: in Washington were technical talks. According to columnist Brian Bender, the meeting demonstrated «an amazing new level of readiness» of the two countries to cooperate. At the same time, the event, according to the journalist, became a reminder of the warm relations of former adversaries in the cold war in the 90-ies.

As notes the edition, negotiations, working groups exchanged information that would help determine the fate of our soldiers lost during conflict in the period from the Second world war to the cold war.

According to the Deputy of the Ministry of defense General of the army Dmitry Bulgakov, the Commission had planned to hold talks between experts on the Vietnam war, the cold war, local conflicts and the hostilities in Afghanistan between 1979 and 1989.

«We like to think that cooperation is only for us and NASA,» said Executive Secretary of the Commission, the former state Department official James Connell. Space and control over the observance of the treaties on nuclear weapon — rare areas where joint work is ongoing. The talks took place amid rising tensions in Syria and discussion by the Congress of new sanctions against Russia.

The work of the organization is built on the mutual granting of access to the archives, highlights columnist. The American team since the 90-ies is looking for information that could help track missing, in cases of the KGB, GRU and other Soviet intelligence agencies. The Russian side has created a similar group in 2015, information about the missing Russians are looking for in the vault of the national archives in College Park (Maryland).

Earlier this year, the Russians have helped the Pentagon to discover the remains of the pilot John Mumford, crashed after attack by German bombers in 1944. Last week the Russian delegation has made great progress in attempts to determine the fate of the 1608 military still listed as missing in the Vietnam war: the Americans have given the newly declassified documents about the destruction of ten planes over North Vietnam. Ask for help and the Russians — an important theme of negotiations of the working group on the cold war was 242 soldiers missing during the war in Afghanistan when the US was arming the rebels with weapons, stresses the newspaper.

«I’ve never seen such a level of understanding between us,» said the Commission’s co-Chairman, retired General Robert Volgelsang. According to him, negotiations are «moving on every hour» and the participants felt like «band of brothers, marching together in the same direction.»