Putin spoke about the illegal exploration and his work in the KGB

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The President of Russia Vladimir Putin told that his job in the KGB was connected with the illegal exploration. Review of the head of state lead site «vestige».

«All my work in the foreign intelligence of the USSR, was connected not just with the foreign intelligence Service, namely the illegal intelligence service,» Putin told a leading TV channel «Russia 1» Sergei Brilev. The TV channel has prepared a special report for the 95th anniversary of Directorate s of the SVR involved in the illegal exploration.

Putin in 1985-1990 he worked in the GDR for the First line of the main Directorate of the KGB, which was responsible for foreign intelligence, and was Director of the friendship House USSR — GDR in Dresden.

Special people

According to the President, intelligence agents «special people, special qualities, special beliefs, these are people of a special warehouse of character.»

«To abandon his current life, to give up their loved ones from home and leave the country for many, many years, to devote his life to serving the Fatherland, not everyone can. This can only be selected. I say this without any without exaggeration. With this approach, with this approach to the country, his people live-in staff of illegal intelligence. This is a unique people,» — said the President.

He also wished the current Russian scouts of happiness and prosperity.

Putin has told that remembers very well a conversation with one of his former colleagues, who gave illegal work for many years.

«And when he returned, he worked with me with a young security man, a young intelligence officer. I then asked: «San Sanych, that you so much worked, and now here, with me, it’s like, okay? You are, in principle, many things could count for more?» — said Putin.

The colleague replied that he could take a different position, so that the Center offered to do it, but didn’t want to. He explained that he considered the reward for themselves what the country has entrusted him to fulfil a role that nobody else can fulfill. «This is the biggest award that I earned, and I must thank the Motherland», — cited the words of a colleague Putin.

«I just went to the reception room of the KGB. From the street, I have the same working family, ties were not. Where do I go? I went to the reception right», — said Putin. According to him, the KGB advised him to first finish school and get a law degree.

«From that moment I stopped studying physics, chemistry, mathematics. Just stopped,» said the President and added that eventually went to law school.

«But before that I wanted to be a pilot. I went to flight school, walked through the corridors, looked. Then I imagined how will be my life,» he said. According to Putin, in the end, he realized that it would be uninteresting.

Units know their names

During the broadcast of the program «Saturday evening» Brilev also talked about the work of scouts-illegal immigrants with the Director of the SVR Sergey Naryshkin, in particular, asked him how many professionals are involved now.

«Of course, this information is classified, sensitive… Them as much as is necessary for the solution before the foreign intelligence task,» — said the Director of the SVR.

Naryshkin stressed that the management of «With» — «the most secretive».

«Of course, the units and the management of «With» know the real names (illegals) or names under which employees perform their job abroad. Each has its own alias. Even on the house phone I don’t talk about it, it is done in a private meeting with a particular leader,» — said Naryshkin.
«Entering» requires knowledge of the details

In the filming of the report shown «Russia 1» was nominated for the veteran of an illegal intelligence, which has produced top secret NATO documents. Scout’s face was not shown, and the voice was changed. The report called him «Pavel A.» — named after the main character of the famous Soviet series about the exploration of «the Adjutant of his Excellency».

He spoke about the plans that were contained in the extracted documents NATO. It said that the collapse of the Soviet Union is only the first phase, which was to follow the creation of the North of the Volga, then Sredne-the Volga Republic, and after the supposed «all Russia to reduce to a level and the size of the Moscow Principality.»

«These documents are. And they are in the archive of our service,» added the scout.

«Pavel A.» also spoke about the preparation of scouts-illegal immigrants, noting that among them are humanists, and technicians — the engineers of the aviation industry, engineers, physicists, chemists. In any case, the employee must be fluent in several languages.

«Getting used» to the image of a citizen of a particular country in which the scout-illegal immigrant, require knowledge of the smallest details. «What kind of mother I sing songs at night, what poems I was taught in school,» said «Pavel A.».