The Bank of Russia proposed to start the local production of cryptocurrencies

© Fotolia / ргіма91Электронная currency bitcoin. Archival photoThe Bank of Russia proposed to start the local production of cryptocurrencies© Fotolia / prima91

The Deputy of legislative Assembly of Leningrad region Vladimir Petrov sent a letter to the Central Bank and the innovation center «SKOLKOVO» with a proposal to create a domestic analogue of virtual currency, reported his press service.

«Over the past two years the world economy has changed dramatically. The cryptocurrency, which initially looked like a gimmick, has taken its place in the financial system. They have become so popular that even ordinary people far from the financial markets and trading, began to use the cryptocurrency in everyday everyday life,» reads the statement, which quoted the press service of the MP.

Petrov draws attention to the fact that the Russian legislation does not set a clear status of the cryptocurrency. «In Russia there is a ban on production of money substitutes, but the responsibility for such actions is not established. This situation is the duality of perception: on the one hand, concerned the position of domestic financial regulator, and on the other hand, the legal ambiguity of the subject» — he said.

According to the Deputy, the Central Bank could be developed by the legal status of a Russian cryptocurrency, and the SKOLKOVO centre is able to ensure the currency of computational and algorithmic power.

«Once the gold exchange was replaced by paper bills and virtual currency is going to replace our usual money. It is necessary that our country has not lagged behind the financial progress and managed to create a decent infrastructure for the emergence of bitcoin Russian», — stated in the document.