The death toll in the fuel tanker fire in Pakistan reached 148

© AFP 2017 / StringerВзрыв tanker in the province of Punjab in Pakistani. 25 Jun 2017The death toll in the fuel tanker fire in Pakistan reached 148© AFP 2017 / Stringer

The death toll in the fire of capsized tanker in the East Pakistan increased to 148 people, according to the associated Press, citing a representative of the local emergency services.

Earlier it was reported 140 dead and 49 injured.

The fire occurred in the Punjab province on Sunday morning. Local residents gathered at the capsized tanker to collect fuel, which it emerged on the track. According to witnesses, some people were Smoking cigarettes and could cause a fire. Fire were covered by dozens of cars and 75 motorcycles and four cars. To date, the fire managed to be localized.

As said the Agency representative of the rescue service Mohammad Bagar (Mohammad Baqar), many of the individual victims can be installed only if the examination of DNA.

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