An accident in the Kuban region killed four people

© Fotolia / spotmatikphotoПациент in the hospital. Archival photoAn accident in the Kuban region killed four people© Fotolia / spotmatikphoto

A counter-collision of two cars killed four people, two were hospitalized, the press service of the interior Ministry in Krasnodar Krai.

Specifies that the message about the accident came to the duty of OMVD Russia’s Pavlovsky district of the region at about midnight.

According to preliminary data of the Ministry, on the 9th kilometer of the Federal highway «Kavkaz» 34-year-old driver of VAZ-2115 left on a strip of oncoming traffic, resulting in collided with «Lada Priora», at the wheel which was 22-the summer inhabitant of Karachay-Cherkess Republic.

«As a result of the accident died on the spot, the driver and the passenger «Frets priors», as well as the driver and the passenger VAZ-2115. In the intensive care unit of the Pavlovsk TSRB hospitalized two passengers of the VAZ-2115″, — stated in the message.

Police establish all the circumstances and causes of accidents, added the Agency.

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