«Analysis of the genome»: scientists introduce new methods of addiction treatment

© Illustration RIA Novosti . A. Polarisabilities of genome segments with genetic mutations«Analysis of the genome»: scientists introduce new methods of addiction treatment© Illustration RIA Novosti . A. Polyanina

Every year this day is celebrated as international day of struggle against abusing narcotics and their illegal circulation. The problem of abuse is probably one of the oldest medical problems, as the plants, which can serve man «means of intoxication,» appeared long before the emergence of the person. Why people are so hard to fight the desire to «get high»?Because there are utilized the mechanisms promoting evolutionary generated in organism to receive information from the external environment that «what is good and what is bad.» Drugs use the same «path of approval» good human behavior via neurotransmitters: dopamine, serotonin, norepinephrine, GABA (Gamma-aminobutyric acid). However, modern science offers new ways to control dependencies because it is now possible to just search the human genome and to find out important details.

Previously it was thought that an alcoholic or a drug addict can only become a weak person with no will broken by the blows of fate. Now the share of a psychological factor in the formation of dependence is estimated by experts at 20%, and biological factors like to 80%.Proponents of a biological approach to the study of the causes of pathological dependencies provide convincing results serious foreign and domestic studies: for emotional balance and mood each person has biochemical metabolism in the brain. Insufficient or excessive secretion of neurotransmitters leads to the development of fears, anxiety, depression, the frustration, the inability to have fun, there is emotional stress, obsessive-compulsive disorder. Man seeks to get rid of these feelings and subconsciously looking for all possible ways and sooner or later finds a drug.

Followers of this approach (specialists of the clinic Marshak — patent No. 2402974) divided all people with dependencies on the 7 types: they are organized on the principle of lack or excess production of the main neurotransmitters.

provide the necessary level of sedation (calmness). Insufficient serotonin metabolism manifests the instability to stress, increased anxiety. Redundancy serotonin metabolism manifests in aggressive behavior. While aggression can be vneshnesekretornoi (conflict behaviour), and vnutrivnutrivenno (low self-esteem, self-flagellation).

The norepinephrine provides a level of activity in the waking state. Redundancy noradrenaline metabolism manifests in the propensity for melancholic depression, rigidity and high emotional exhaustion when stressed.

In order to understand what type of person with addiction, you just need to donate blood from a vein.

Explains Marina Aksenova, candidate of biological Sciences, head of laboratory of molecular-genetic diagnostic clinic Marshak:

«To perform genetic analysis to produce the DNA molecule, which is located in the nucleus of every cell (except red blood cells — red blood cells). As any cell of any person contain identical DNA molecule, it is theoretically possible to use any human cells. In difficult cases a forensic medical examination and do. In routine practice, typically, DNA is isolated from whole blood (100 µl is enough for the analysis of hundreds of genes). This is approximately the volume of the nose of a ballpoint pen, 100 times less than for standard biochemical analysis. Just a drop of blood and all. It is best to take venous blood instead of capillary. Today, technology allows to carry out tests and non-invasive, not poking needles in people, for example, collecting cells of the epithelium of the oral cavity, but experience has shown that a methadone clinic in 10% of cases the DNA in this case is not allocated. Apparently, it burned the mucosa of the oral cavity. So we take blood.The accuracy for the detection of changes in genes (polymorphisms) — 100% this means that there are no false positive or false negative results.»

In addition to the analysis conducted psychodiagnostic testing and conduct a structured clinical interview. Then – are assigned a biological food Supplement that triggers production in the body of the missing neurotransmitters.

«You can not change the genes, — says Dmitry Vashkin, psychiatrist-narcologist, chief physician of the clinic Marshak. But this personalized approach allows in the shortest possible time to normalise neurotransmitter metabolism, eliminating behavioral and emotional disorders, constantly pushing for the search of «balance» with psychoactive substances. We do this through individual assignment of amino acids – the necessary «building material» for the natural synthesis of neurotransmitters (e.g. tryptophan, the serotonin precursor, taurine, melatonin, histidine, glutamic acid, etc.) and a special system of psychophysical exercises — kinesigenic therapy, in its essence very close to yoga».

Well, when released from the hospital the man remains alone with himself and the world around you, — there comes the crucial moment: we need to maintain emotional balance as you think, biology – 80% the balance of neurotransmitters. It is always easier to do this if you know exactly what is missing.