Angelica Khudoleeva: in the process of birth of the children to be involved 35-45-year-old

© Photo courtesy of the press service of «stork on the roof»project Manager stork on the roof Angelica KhudoleevaAngelica Khudoleeva: in the process of birth of the children to be involved 35-45-year-old© Photo courtesy of the press service of «stork on the roof»

The expert team of the all-Russian organization «stork on the roof» has prepared its draft amendments to the law on maternity capital. In the case of its implementation in the country in addition there will be at least 500 thousand babies. Project Manager Angelica Khudoleeva in an interview with RIA Novosti tells details.

— The law on maternity capital worked well: with the beginning of its operation — from 2007, the birth rate has steadily gone up. But today this is not enough. We believe that the current version of the law on maternity capital is no longer able to stimulate the birth rate at the level which is required for Russia. The law should change. And urgently.

We believe it is necessary to shift the focus in stimulating the birth of the second child for the third and subsequent children. For the second proposed to give the family the right to 50% of the size of the parent capital, and for the third and subsequent — 100%. The fact that today Russia occupies a leading place in the world for the birth of the first and second child. But the third and further lags significantly behind. So the transfer of tangible fixed bonus for the third child needs to help somehow to fix the situation. As the generation of 20-25-year-old is extremely small, it is vital now to engage in the process of giving birth to children a generation of 35-45 year olds as a rule, gave birth to their two children earlier. The second factor that must be considered in the allocation of the parent capital is geographical. Why encourage the birth of third and fourth children in the regions where the share of births of third and subsequent children in the total number of births exceeded the average in one and a half times or more? That is where having four or five children is the norm! It is necessary to encourage the birth of children only where the birth rate is low. Taking a particular program, the government expects to achieve certain results. Isn’t it? It is unlikely that the result can be considered as the distribution of budget funds to all and Sundry without regard for regional peculiarities.

Summarize: you offer to give the parent capital did not immediately and not for everyone. You think that society will support you? Not enough to «gingerbread»?

— Of course, we would like that all was well and everyone liked everything! But the budget has a very specific size and budget funds are spent only for certain purposes. So, the target program of the parent capital is the increase in the birth rate in Russia! In fact, «good demographics» — the issue of security of the country. If, as you say, «gingerbread» will be distributed to everyone everywhere, the measure of stimulant will become dependent. By the way, we offer, in addition to the bonuses for the birth of the third child and subsequent children, to extend the use of available state money. For example, to allow the family to buy a camera car, agricultural machinery of domestic production or Assembly, to repair the house or apartment, to spend for treatment of the mother or child, including expensive high-tech. And most importantly, we believe it is necessary to enable the family to put the entire amount in the Bank and get her monthly interest. The matkapital to spend will not. If today the size of the camera is 450 thousand rubles, that family will receive a monthly almost 4 thousand. That will also make it actually possible to index the parent capital without additional expenditures.

Who is the author of the bill?

— The project «stork on the roof» a great team of experts from St. Petersburg State University, Higher school of Economics, Moscow, Rosstat — lawyers, economists, doctors, psychologists, sociologists. The bill is designed according to the rules, conducting the necessary research with the scientific justification. He is ready and quite able to pass hearings in the state Duma this year.

Due to what you expect to receive funding if the bill is passed? In the budget because additional funding is not provided.

— When drafting the bill, we took into account the difficult economic situation in the country. According to our calculations, additional funding will be required. Moreover, according to our experts, in case of renewal of the program netcapital to 2030 savings amount to about 200 billion. rubles. The result of the introduction of new measures, according to experts — approximately half a million additional births. And this, as you know, any money not to measure.