Any limitation on the messengers invalid, experts said EDRi

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Any laws that violate privacy in the systems of instant messaging, represent interference in the private lives of citizens, told RIA Novosti senior Advisor for political Affairs of an international public organization for the protection of human rights on the Internet European Digital Rights (EDRi) Diego Naranjo.

Last week the head of Roskomnadzor Alexander Zharov called the command Telegram and personally by the Creator of the messenger of Pavel Durov to fulfill the Russian legislation, giving the Department information for inclusion in the register of the organizers of disseminating information. Zharov noted that time to meet the requirements of the Department remains a little, in case of further ignoring the messenger will be blocked on the territory of the Russian Federation. He later explained that Roskomnadzor is not ready to lock Telegram tomorrow, but the waiting time for a response from Durova measured in days. On Monday, the FSB announced that the terrorists on the territory of Russia for communication among themselves and with their supervisors from abroad most actively using the messenger Telegram.

«We EDRI believe that any restriction in systems instant messaging is a violation of my privacy and anonymous way to communicate. Goals will be declared the disclosure of terrorist attacks or harassment of other persons, who were under the suspicion of the security services. But in the end there will be «holes» that will be used to maintain surveillance of the entire population. In this we see the danger,» — said the employee of EDRi, the headquarters of which is located in Brussels.

Naranjo said that the use of such «holes» can anyone: intelligence agencies of any countries, governments, companies, «all who are interested to get information about correspondence.» «Governments are always interested in establishing control over the relationship. This happens in any exploration,» he added, citing the example of the national security Agency (NSA), USA, a division of radio and electronic intelligence in the Pentagon.

With regard to the training through the messengers of terrorist attacks, the expert believes that the police «always have the opportunity to access this information in any other way, although it is difficult.» «On a similar case, said Edward Snowden, who worked at the NSA. The investigation was conducted about a hacker who used an encrypted laptop. This person worked in a public library. Once he stole into a computer and was able to decrypt the information. That is, there are workarounds. Of course, it’s not an easy job for the police,» said Naranjo.

«Either we have an anonymous system of communication, confidentiality for all, or it will not be for anyone. No half-hearted options – privacy for «good» in the absence of privacy for those who do not follow the laws,» — said the Agency interlocutor.

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All prosegregation drew attention that the EU «there are no restrictions on anonymous communication». Legislative framework — the Directive E-Privacy (Directive on privacy and electronic communications adopted in 2002), which protects the confidentiality of private communications. Currently, the European Parliament discussed its reform, so that «the Directive provided not only the confidentiality of E-mail or telephone conversations (what was meant when we adopted the Directive) but also all types of communications, which appeared later,» he said.

«In the draft quite a lot about privacy, and it will cover any type of communications that have appeared in recent years WhatsApp, Telegram,» concluded Naranjo.

Pavel Durov earlier said that the Telegram lock, neutral to Russia service is not in the interests of the country, as other messengers like Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger is controlled by the United States. Moreover, Durov believes that the messenger may not be «unsafe» only to potential criminals — the encryption of these services either equally protects all users or all puts them at risk.