At Pskov filed a case against the mother caring for a disabled child

© Fotolia / ivanfffЖенщина in handcuffs. Archival photoAt Pskov filed a case against the mother caring for a disabled child© Fotolia / ivanfff

After public Prosecutor’s check criminal case against the woman, not caring for her daughter with disabilities, which is due to stay at home without electricity and in unsanitary conditions got lice, according to the Prosecutor’s office of Pskov region.

«In the course of Supervisory actions it is established that the local resident, being the mother of a minor daughter born in 2008, has not exercised her proper care: they kept their house in unsanitary conditions, not spent cleaning the house, causing the child revealed pediculosis, supported the child in the house without electricity disconnected due to non-payment», — is spoken in the message.

According to the regional Supervisory authority, the woman refused to consultations of medical specialists, despite the fact that with the birth of daughter has CNS damage and delay in psychomotor development. After hospital treatment in 2010, the girl was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and the disability group. Rehabilitation activities the mother of a daughter was not carried out, specialists the girl is not consulted, says the Prosecutor.

«On materials of public Prosecutor’s check sent to the bodies of inquiry, concerning the woman criminal case on signs of the crime provided by article «improper performance of duties on education of minors by a parent, connected to cruel treatment of minors», — concludes the Supervisory authority.

Currently, the guardianship and custody of the district the question about deprivation of the woman of the parental rights.