Authorities in Murmansk region have taken measures to attract physicians

© RIA Novosti / Yakov Andriamalala clinical hospital (OKB). Archival photoAuthorities in Murmansk region have taken measures to attract physicians© RIA Novosti / Yakov Andreev

The government of the Murmansk region takes all available measures to improve the quality of health services in the region, including in attracting doctors to work in cities and towns, said the Governor Marina Kovtun at the meeting.

During the «straight line» the President addressed a resident of the city of Apatity, Murmansk region Daria Starikova with complaints of problems in the health sector in the region. Vladimir Putin at the end of «straight line» gave instructions for each problem. The regional authorities together with the government of Russia, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev instructed to take necessary measures for providing affordable medical care to the population of apatites.

«We will continue to work actively in this direction. Let’s see what else can be done to aid opticana were promptly and efficiently», – said Kovtun. A few years ago the hospital Apatity and Kirovsk, located at a distance of 20 kilometers, for optimization purposes were combined.

The Governor said that the process of modernization Apatitskaya site of the hospital has already begun. By 1 June of this year on measures to strengthen material-technical base of institutions aimed 92,5 million rubles. Means, in particular, went to repair the infectious case, of the city polyclinic and hospital in Apatity.

In addition, the regional government is taking all possible measures to attract doctors to work in Murmansk oblast. The Ministry of health and the hospital administration are working to attract future doctors on the «target set». In particular, in the Kirovsk-Apatity area in 2014, according to the target set in the hospital came five physicians. Interns receive a regional scholarship in the study period, the hospital administration pays them accommodation in the hostel travel to University for exams and back.

This year was also signed seven agreements on target training in medical schools, and graduates of schools of Apatity and Kirovsk. Prerequisite – appropriate placement in local hospital. In addition, the authorities of Kirovsk has taken the decision to pay doctors who came to work in the hospital, an additional allowance of 115 thousand rubles a year for three years.

In 2013 the regional budget provides one-time payments to doctors – young professionals and specialists invited to work in the region in the amount of 200 thousand rubles, and on a quarterly basis – 10 thousand rubles for housing and communal services. Over the years in the Apatity-Kirov hospital attracted 26 experts. In addition, the regional law «On social support of medical workers» provided a number of support measures.

«All these measures certainly do not work as quickly as we would like. The Concept of development of health of the Murmansk region, its main provisions will be approved at the meeting of the regional governments – for the autumn budget adjustment we need to make changes that will affect additional measures in the sphere of support of health,» the Governor said.