Detainees in Egypt, the terrorists were planning a major terrorist attack in Alexandria

© Fotolia / ViewApartЗаключенный in handcuffs behind bars. Archival photoDetainees in Egypt, the terrorists were planning a major terrorist attack in Alexandria© Fotolia / ViewApart

Detained on 24 June in Egypt six members of a terrorist group who planned the terrorist attack in the days of the end of Ramadan, intended to make a double undermining of the suicide bombers in one of the churches of the city of Alexandria, writes on Monday, the Egyptian newspaper «al-Ahram» referring to the data of interrogation of detainees.

According to available information, one of the bombers had to go to Church on Sunday in preparation for service and to activate the suicide vest among worshipers. The second suicide bomber had to wait to place the first explosion, police arrive, and gather a crowd of people, and to commit a suicide bombing in the street. The aim of the terrorists was reportedly the largest possible number of casualties both among Christians and among Muslims, for whom Sunday was the first day of the feast of end of Ramadan — Eid al-Fitr.

The publication said that the police detained preparing attacks of terrorists in one of the residential apartments Alexandria, when they were training suicide bombers and instructed them how to undermine fastened on the belt of explosives. One of the suicide bombers wanted to blow himself up at the moment of detention, but it was prevented by the security forces.

During interrogations, detainees have also recognized that the funding and the instructions they received from the IG* of Libya. The bombers have spent the last several years and they have participated in the preparation of other attacks. One of the terrorists had been detained by Egyptian police on suspicion of involvement in extremist activities, but then was released.

Egypt’s interior Ministry on 24 June announced the arrest of six terrorists who were planning attacks involving suicide bombers in churches and objects belonging to the resident Christians. According to the Ministry, the attack was to be carried out during the period of the Muslim feast of Eid al-Fitr or on 30 June — the day of the anniversary of the removal from office of the former President of Egypt Mohamed Morsi.

Egyptian Christians have repeatedly been the victims of terrorist acts that have occurred in the last few months in the Arab country. Egyptian Copts represent the largest Christian community in the Middle East. According to various estimates, they account for about 10% of the 93 million people of the country. Only in Cairo there are 163 of the Coptic Church.

* A terrorist organization banned in Russia