Discovered in Egypt hieroglyphs shocked scientists

© RIA Novosti / Yuri to Sombrerete in photobacteria of CheopsDiscovered in Egypt hieroglyphs shocked scientists© RIA Novosti / Yuri to Combinate the image Bank

Scientists from Yale University and the Royal museums of art and history (Belgium) have discovered the most ancient in the world of Egyptian hieroglyphics, answering thus one of the main questions about their origin, says the scientific journal

«This recently discovered wall on the site of the ancient city Elkab saved some of the early signs of hieroglyphic writing and shows how the ancient Egyptians invented their own unique writing system,» says Egyptologist John Darnell.

The writings are dated around 3250. BC. The text reads from right to left, starting from character in the form of a bull’s head, ending with a depiction of an IBIS. These animals were considered sacred by the ancient Egyptians.

The size of the characters have surprised scientists. «This is the first time anyone saw them in such a huge scale. The height of each of the characters a little more than half. The whole table is about 70 inches in height. Characters that were scientists before, usually only had one or two centimeters,» notes Darnell.

The discovery, according to the scientist, dispels the myth that writing in Ancient Egypt was developing slowly and was used at first only by officials. Discovered the hieroglyphs were given to understand that such a way of writing quickly spread throughout Egypt, from the outset, distinguishing itself with the diversity.

«It was not what I expected to find when I went on an expedition. The discovery shocked me,» admits the scientist.