In EAO the search continues for three girls who disappeared two weeks ago

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Three-year girl from the village of Sotsgorodok the Jewish Autonomous region, disappeared two weeks ago, have not yet found, but the search continues, told RIA Novosti on Monday the senior assistant administrator of SU of SK of Russia on EAO Natalia Dobrobabina.

According to police, the evening of 13 June, the 2014 girl of the year of birth left home and to date her whereabouts are unknown. The disappearance of the child regional Directorate of the RF IC opened a criminal case under article «Murder juvenile». Created operational headquarters for the investigation of a child involved in searches, the emergency force, dog handlers, police, volunteers, local residents, soldiers of border troops. The child lived in a dysfunctional single-parent family where there were three young children.

«Search for the child do not stop. All previously submitted versions of the disappearance of a child are processed, but they have not yet been confirmed. In connection with the missing child two criminal cases: «murder» into the disappearance and «negligence» for the inaction of the officials of the district authorities for the prevention of delinquency and neglect, so a term limiting the search in time, no. They and the investigation will continue,» said Dobrobabina.

According to her, currently the other children from the family of the missing girl seized, and placed in an orphanage.

More than 80 people every day looking for a child

As reported GUMCHS of Russia on EAO daily search activities involved a group of more than 80 people — employees of fire protection, police, the state Inspectorate for small vessels, local residents and volunteers. And also a few dozen pieces of equipment, including drones.

«Ongoing inspection of areas adjacent to the village of Sotsgorodok, and in other directions. Also surveyed the surrounding waters with the use of sonar. The search did not give positive results. On the next day the re-scheduled inspection of the territory and water objects», — stated in the message of Ministry of emergency situations on Monday.

Within two weeks the village, its surroundings, the nearest reservoirs, the area along the Federal highway and the railroad tracks were surveyed repeatedly. Sotsgorodok is set back from the busy road. Searches are conducted in neighboring villages and neighboring EAO regions. According to police interviewed more than two thousand people.

Attracted even psychics

As reported by RIA Novosti the representative of a staff of volunteers Sergey, for two weeks in search of girls were involved about 200 volunteers from the Khabarovsk territory and the Jewish Autonomous region.

«People come, people change. In total helped look for the girl about 200 volunteers. It mostly consists of volunteers from the Khabarovsk territory and the Jewish Autonomous region. To call us and from other regions of Russia. In General, all work very smoothly – the Investigative Committee, police, volunteers and even the military were involved», — said Sergey.

According to him, his help offered and psychics.

«Come to us and the psychics who’ see ‘ the girl in the house, then the water, then somewhere else. Often people just look the Google map and say, see that. None of the psychics was not confirmed. Although we are examining all the places they point to. Examined was the Nikolaevka village, five kilometers of Federal highway in each direction from the village of Volochaevka-2, neighborhood social district», — said the source.

He noted that on Monday in the area of the rain, the volunteers took a break to build new routes. From Tuesday they will start their work.

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