In Moscow will install over 160 the pulse of traffic lights

© RIA Novosti / Ramil Sadikovogo. Archival photoIn Moscow will install over 160 the pulse of traffic lights© RIA Novosti / Ramil Sitdikov

About 160 of the pulsed lights will be installed at pedestrian crossings Moscow, they are designed to remind drivers about the need to reduce speed or to stop before an unregulated transition, according to the official website of the mayor and government of the capital on Monday.

«Until the end of the year 79 unregulated crosswalks in Moscow will be equipped with more than 160 led pulse lights. To install them on road signs «Pedestrian crossing», — stated in the message.

Specifies that such lights will be flashing yellow light and to give the drivers a signal that the road ahead can move people. They are designed only for motorists. Usually they are placed near ground pedestrian crossings and intersections with no traffic lights and the traffic is not regulated.

In a press-service of the Center of traffic organization said that «these lights are installed on many city streets and has already proved its efficiency — the number of road accidents involving pedestrians has been reduced.»

«Blinking bright yellow light allows drivers at any time of the day for a few tens of meters to recognize the pedestrian crossing and reduce speed of traffic», — explained in the center.

It is noted that the brightness of the LEDs changes depending on the illumination of the street in the twilight and at night the signal will be more intense than during the day. Typically, such lights are put on the streets, where there is no heavy flow of vehicles and is not required otherwise regulate the movement of vehicles and pedestrians.