In Tatarstan have started to produce composite solutions for industry

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Wolfparade in fotobounce the city from building the International Centre in Kazan. Archival photoIn Tatarstan have started to produce composite solutions for industry© RIA Novosti / Alexander Wolfparade the image Bank

The company «Tat-Advenire» («daughter» Advenira Enterprises Inc., portfolio company of «RUSNANO») on Monday launched on the territory of Technopolis «Himgrad» in Kazan the production of protective nanocomposite solutions for use in various industries.

Advenira Enterprises Inc. (USA) was founded in 2010 in Silicon valley for the development and commercialization of the technology Solution Derived Nanocomposite (SDN®) and environmentally friendly coatings for various industrial applications.

The decision to place the production of a protective nanocomposite solutions on the territory of Technopolis «Himgrad» was adopted in 2016. The project of «Tat-Advenire» is implemented within the overall development strategy Advenira Enterprises Inc. and aimed at effective provision of SDN® materials industrial partners in Russia, CIS, Asia Pacific and the European Union, as well as for current sales representatives in China, Japan and Taiwan. The created platform will be a pilot and basis for the further industrial production of these materials.

«Six years of project development, first in the United States showed us that he has a huge future, and it means that you can transfer it to Russia… Today we have key event — we can create a production», — said the Chairman of the Board «RUSNANO» Anatoly Chubais at the launch of production.

Chubais noted that the prospects of this project are estimated as enormous, since we are talking about coatings that can be applied on various surfaces have corrosion, sealing properties and it does not require special conditions and preparation for application. Use of new nanocomposite solutions, according to him, is extremely wide.

As noted by the President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov, thanks to this project, the Republic gets new security features, objects metal large industrial plants, bridge structures, ships, metal monuments, parts of various mechanisms. «This decision will improve the quality and life of objects and products. This is a very important element of the industries that we have, is the oil and gas sector and machine-building and electronics, because a huge amount of equipment, metal structures, work in a very aggressive environment,» he said.

According to Minnikhanov, the design capacity of the plant will produce in the first stage (2017-2018) 30 thousand liters of nanonetworks a year, it is planned to increase capacity up to 300 thousand liters per year. The Tatarstan President expressed confidence that the nanocoating will be in demand across the country.

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