In the state Duma proposed to tighten anti-corruption legislation

© RIA Novosti / Ramil to Setdiscoverable in photobacteria of the State Duma on Okhotny Ryad street in Moscow. Archival photoIn the state Duma proposed to tighten anti-corruption legislation© RIA Novosti / Ramil to Setdiscoverable the image Bank

Lawmakers propose to increase the penalties for giving and accepting bribes of up to four years of imprisonment, and also to introduce the concept of «moral bribe», writes on Monday, the newspaper «Izvestia».

According to the publication, the relevant amendments to the criminal code prepared by the Committee on security and combating corruption of the state Duma. Deputy Chairman of the Committee Anatoly Vyborny, who developed the bill, told the publication that apart from increasing the sentence for bribery under the Penal code will be the arbitrator. They could face up to three years in prison for abuse of power.

«It is proposed to toughen the penalties for giving and taking bribes. Now the maximum penalty for these crimes is three years of imprisonment respectively. Under the bill, this period is extended to four years, thus these crimes are transferred to medium severity, and the Statute of limitations on them increased from two to six years», — the newspaper writes.

The newspaper reminds that in the current edition of the Criminal code, a bribe are only money and property, as well as services which cost can be assessed. According to the publication, legislators plan to expand the criminal code to include concepts such as «moral benefits», «services moral character,» as well as «non-property rights and other undue advantages.»

«It can be mutually beneficial service — for example, when a relative of a senior official to take a job in a commercial organization with a high salary without the necessary qualifications, and that helps businesses using their service opportunities», — said the publication of the Election.

According to experts interviewed by the publication, to prove the provision of non-material services will not be easy. Also, as experts believe, there is a danger that the police will be too broadly interpreted this provision, considering as non-property services any relationship between authorities and citizens. The project is planned to submit to the state Duma before the end of the spring session, the newspaper said.

In the state Duma proposed to tighten anti-corruption legislationAccusations of crime and punishment Russian officials