In the suburbs year-old boy drowned in the pool

© Fotolia / ChiccoDodiFCБассейн. Archival photoIn the suburbs year-old boy drowned in the pool© Fotolia / ChiccoDodiFC

Investigators are checking after the death of seventeen-month-old boy in the pool in the Istra district of the Moscow region, while his dad mowed the lawn, told RIA Novosti press-service of the regional Central Board of the RF IC.

Earlier in mass media appeared information that in the village of Mansurovo, the witnesses found the child was supposedly choking water in the pool. Also, it is noted that the child was found dead, the doctors could only say death. The press service of the Moscow Central Board of the interior Ministry confirmed to RIA Novosti the death of a child.

«On this fact the investigative Department of the city of Istra GSPC of Russia across the Moscow region organized the conduct of the preliminary investigation. As established by the investigation, the baby was playing near the pool while dad mowed the grass on the site of a private house in the village of Mansurovo, Istrinsky district», — stated in the message.

Currently, the complex of the necessary verification activities to establish the causes and circumstances of the incident.

GSPC of Russia in Moscow region informs that with the onset of the summer season there are more cases of injuries of children, most of whom, according to investigators, ends in death. The most massive are the deaths of children in ponds and pools. The vast majority of such cases due to the lack of adult supervision, the report says.