Ingeborga Dapkunaite about «Matilda»: «movie not about religion»

© Photo courtesy of PR Agency «Sarafan»Actress Ingeborga Dapkunaite in the movie MatildaIngeborga Dapkunaite about «Matilda»: «movie not about religion»© photo courtesy of PR Agency «Sarafan»

The conflict between the Director Alexei Uchitel and Deputy Natalia Polonskaya in mid-June received a new development. Discussion of unreleased film by Alexei Uchitel «Matilda» made up of the head of state. Actor Sergey Bezrukov during the «straight line» the President asked, why are trying to ban a painting, which no one has ever seen. In response, Vladimir Putin said that no one is trying to ban, and noted that I would not like to join in the unfolding of the films argument. RIA Novosti was found with actress Ingeborga Dapkunaite, who plays «Matilda» the main character’s mother, Empress Maria Feodorovna, and talked to her about this and her other roles on the set and in life.

— We play what is written in the script, and in this role, the historical truth goes by the wayside. I haven’t seen the movie, but during filming I relied, for example, that Maria Fyodorovna is a person with a deep sense of duty to the state and responsibility to their children and family. She was originally engaged to the son of Alexander II, Tsarevich Nicholas, but he died shortly after the engagement, and Maria Fyodorovna was married to his brother, the future Emperor Alexander III. According to the memoirs of contemporaries, they became one of the most stable and loving of the Royal families in the history of Russia. His son Nicholas they are named in honor of the person with whom she was engaged initially. It’s very touching.

But Maria Feodorovna was also a man with a rod. She has established many charitable projects, hospitals, orphanages, was the head of the Russian red cross and has done a lot for him. How could use its power for good and really become a very popular Queen, though born in Denmark.

— At the closing of «Kinotavr» in Sochi for the first time showed a film «About love. Adults only», where you play with John Malkovich. Many people know that you have many years of friendship and numerous joint projects. How did your relationship begin?

— No, because I think that there should be a distance between teacher and students, I would like to be objective to what they are doing. Graduates of my first course, we sometimes talk on the phone, I follow what happens to them. They come to my performances. Of course, I try to help them to tell colleagues that they looked to my students.

In practical terms, this work for me as it is not necessary. But in fact necessary in order to live on Earth. Similar feelings from me to Fund «Faith», which I have since its inception — 10 years. This is not my main profession, but as human beings feel the need to do this work.