Matvienko: no one is going to «tighten the screws» against NGOs

© RIA Novosti / Anton to Deniability in fotoreceptor of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko. Archival photoMatvienko: no one is going to «tighten the screws» against NGOs© RIA Novosti / Anton to Danilovmarat the image Bank

No one is going to tighten the screws for the work of nonprofit organizations in Russia, but the authorities want to know where is spent financial investments from abroad, said the Chairman of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko at the meeting with President Vladimir Putin on Monday.

«Very serious and thorough was hearing. Were the heads and special services, and law enforcement with numbers, with facts, with examples,» — said Matvienko. A public hearing on the inadmissibility of foreign interference in the Affairs of Russia were held in the Federation Council in early June, among other things, they discussed the problems of the NGOs.

«Again: nobody forbids to work with non-profit organizations in the country, us law allows it. But we want to understand, which spent such large financial investments that go into the country, for what purpose. We know for sure: not for charity, not for humanitarian cooperation, not cultural programs. Mostly funds, non-profit organizations that are engaged in political activity», — said the speaker of the upper house.

«No one is going to tighten the screws, no intention. We study foreign experience, legislation of European countries,» said Matvienko.

«We established a Committee of the Federation Council, which is a public platform for open discussion of these topics. Let them come all who believe that something is wrong, let suggestions. We’re not going to do it behind closed doors. It will be an open platform for civil society institutions, non-profit organizations, deputies and senators who can work together to discuss these topics,» she added.