Ostrovsky: we need to raise the efficiency of land use in the Smolensk region

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The Governor of Smolensk region Alexey Ostrovskiy demanded before the end of the year to complete activities on land monitoring in all municipalities of the region, told RIA Novosti the representative of the press service of the regional government.

«Historically, Smolenskaya oblast is predominantly agricultural. Our key priority the development of agriculture. Those tens of billions of rubles of investments attracted in the five years of our administration, first and foremost, investment in agribusiness. Therefore, this issue is extremely important for our region. I demand that all 27 municipalities intensified work in this direction and completed in 2017 with approved plans conduct data verification activities», — said the Governor at a meeting of the regional Council for economy and investment.

The press service explained that the implementation of municipal land control allows a more efficient use of land resources, to increase the revenues of municipalities on land use, to make transparent accounting and control land use and to increase the level of legal awareness and responsibilities of land users. The main control should be exercised in relation to individuals. If there is any evidence of non-use agricultural land for the intended purpose, such areas shall be withdrawn in a judicial procedure from the owners for sale at public auction.

«Taken by the administration of the region measures to encourage local authorities to increase the municipal land control, has yielded results. For the first quarter of 2017 204 held an unscheduled inspection in 16 municipalities,» — said the Agency interlocutor.