Serbian water Polo players won the Superfinal of the World League, the Russians — the fifth

© RIA Novosti / Vitaly to Belowaverage in fotomontaggi in the match of the men’s world League super final in water Polo between the teams of Russia and AustraliaSerbian water Polo players won the Superfinal of the World League, the Russians — the fifth© RIA Novosti / Vitaly to Belowaverage the image Bank

Serbia men’s water Polo won the Superfinal of the World League, which was held in the Moscow suburb Ruza.

Thus, the Serbian water Polo team defended the title, which has not lost since 2013. Second was the team of Italy. In the match for third place-the team of Croatia beat the U.S. team. The Russian team won the ranking match for the fifth place team Kazakhstan, team Australia became the seventh according to the results of the consolation tournament, the national team of Japan is the eighth.

To check out the rival on a tooth, or toothed rivals?

For most teams that came in the super final, the start was a good test before the world Championships in Budapest. Acting chief coach of the national team of Russia Sergey Evstigneev admitted that in Ruza his team tried rivals «to the tooth» before the world Cup. In the group stage, the Russian team lost only silver medalists of the 2016 Games, the Croats, and in the first match of the playoffs gave the team USA. More has been rating games in which the Russians scored two wins.

«The guys had psychologically difficult after the match with the Americans, but found the motivation and the remaining two matches won. We will work on the bugs after the Grand final. In particular, I am dissatisfied in terms of the overlap of the counter, will work on it. In the group stage, I think we performed well. Lost to Croatia, but these are world leaders, we need to work a lot to better counter such teams, we match tested their gaming bundles, in particular, in the protection,» — said Evstigneev.

«The group stage opponents at the world Championships in Budapest, we have obtained approximately the same that were in the Grand final in the group stage. Only instead of an Australian national team — team USA. The Grand final is a good practice before the world Cup. I think we as a team not stand for, are developing, all have huge desire to win. Tired of losing to. I want to have to win it,» said Russia captain Sergey Lizunov.

According to him, in the final match with team USA, the Russians didn’t have enough composure. «But in those matches where we don’t have enough composure and produced», he said.

Coolly stood in a penalty shootout in a ranked match with the Japanese goalkeeper Viktor Ivanov, who took two blows of the opponent, despite the hand injury. Now his participation in the world championship in question. «The composition is 90%, but there may be changes,» — said Evstigneev.

The Serbs win, watch football and appreciate Ruza

The Serbian team — in the words of the players themselves and the coaches played in Ruza under load. «I thought that play here worse after the Olympic games, we are not yet at the level of motivation,» said one of the leaders of the team Dusko Pijetlovic.

Ruza he liked the pool too. «I think this is a good option for the preparation of the national team of Russia. I hope your team will do better this season, because in recent years it was not so. It was hard to watch them play, despite the fact that the team has good players who could play better. Now changed the coach, maybe this season they will play better,» said Pietrowicz, simultaneously expressing his condolences to the Russian fans in connection with a goal by Cristiano Ronaldo against the national team of Russia on football the match of the confederations Cup.

Because of the confederations Cup, the Grand final was moved from Kazan to Ruza, which has now attracted not only water, but also of the International swimming Federation (FINA). «We have said that FINA are interested in that here hold various international competitions, and diving, and synchronized swimming. So we can say that Grand final we opened the RUz for the world swimming community,» said the President of the Russian water Polo Federation Alexey Vlasenko.

After this tournament the Russian team a little peredohnet, and then will go to the tournament in Italy. Further, in July — the world championship in Budapest. «You can, of course, to stiff the bar, but you need to proceed from reality. If the men’s team will be in the top six at the world Cup, so the work is done correctly,» — said Vlasenko.