Smoke here, but don’t have sex: how the Russian Orthodox Church treats drug addicts

© RIA Novosti / Dmitry Korobeynikova in photobacteria to rally Students against drugs. Archival photo.Smoke here, but don’t have sex: how the Russian Orthodox Church treats drug addicts© RIA Novosti / Dmitry to Korobeynikova in photobacteria she said

«It all started with discos on Saturdays, get-togethers with friends in a café. She did not notice she started to drink every day. I had to drink before work, in the workplace, and in the evening I drank to the end. I couldn’t control myself, just felt the need to drink at any cost. In the last two years have been spending money only on alcohol. And, if I saw something more or less civilized, the last time it was cheap wine packages rubles for 50. And now for the past 11 months I’m here, «Rainbow», for all this time never drank,» says 24-year-old Tatiana.

We stand in the Smoking room, which was organized for the patients of the Orthodox center of assistance to drug addicts. Next – the restored Church of the XIX century, a Playground and a small neat house. The area around cymric Church of the ascension groomed – trimmed lawns, benches installed, tracks were laid down. In General, grace. I smoke, offer a cigarette to Tatyana, but she refuses – not sure what her schedule is now supposed to smoke.

«I don’t see the point in life, with all the work I was fired from alcohol povypadali hair, spread the enamel of the teeth, liver, kidneys – all in a terrible state. Mom was crying, while I’m just on the couch lying. I have a happy, do not drink. Mom tried everything – sent me to hospitals and other centers. Here I asked. Before sending in a «Rainbow» she got me locked up two days were kept so I am not drunk,» continued the girl.

Tatiana pleasant appearance, neat appearance, I can’t believe this she says to herself. Actually, the entire center does not fit into the image that I drew myself on the way here. I always thought that the place where they help drug addicts — dark and depressive. And patients certainly shot up and drunken. And then suddenly find themselves in Paradise surrounded by nice people.

In this Orthodox center of assistance to drug addicts, can accommodate 30-35 women and men are now being treated for only 14 people, out of 90 applicants for assistance during the year. Many simply do not stand up and return to their former way of life. But those who are coming to the end joyful people. Many came to «support» center, when we learned that there will be the capital’s journalists. Some even with children. They all share one thing – gratitude to the place where they were saved.

He says to refrain from eating hard, but if you have the desire to live, everything is possible. «I think until the person reaches the extreme point will be at the very bottom, he will not recover. Those who came and went, apparently, this bottom is not reached. And I realized I don’t want to live,» he admits.


Another successful Church drug rehabilitation center – the «Old world» — located in the village of yerino in the Novomoskovsk district. There are no women, but in the center and around it there is a huge amount of cats and dogs. Cats roam freely on the floors, enter the room of patients, as a home, and for the dogs in the yard built the kennel. «One of the elements of the program – the establishment of relations with relatives and friends. I have a daughter and a son. Now I want our relationship built on trust. Children do not understand what it is. Say, dad, we love you – so what’s the problem?» — says Roman.

According to him, the son who graduated from school thinking to study further. «I wrote him a letter, told his story. At his age I didn’t understand, why go to learn. My dad was drinking, no one told me that you need to go to College and why. Life seemed colorful, beautiful and easy, there are light drugs. The goal was to make money on these drugs and happy life. But it was false. Easy to roll down, difficult to climb,» he says. © RIA Novosti / Maria Controveray, patient assistance drug-addicted «Old world», the village of yerinoSmoke here, but don’t have sex: how the Russian Orthodox Church treats drug addicts© RIA Novosti / Maria Controveray, patient assistance drug-addicted «Old world», poselok yerino

The novel is also like Alexander from «Rainbow», says that man, long time using drugs, hits the bottom. And here is someone as lucky – not everyone survives. «I and the O. D. was, but miraculously survived. Then I decided I wanted to get rid of this problem, to live life differently. I hope my story will help your son make the right choice,» concluded the man.

A graduate of the center Vasyl many years later, it supports once saved his «Old light».

«I was here for rehabilitation since the beginning of 2001 to end of 2002, was one of the first patients. Life then was adjusted. To keep difficult, but the Lord has mercy on me: when I became ill, he gives me children. How will pull to the past – a child. That’s already four of us were born,» jokes Thomas.

Only in Russia there are more than 200 units of the Church system of assistance to drug addicts, among them more than 70 rehabilitation centers, dozens of primary reception, «halfway home» and support structure for the system of rehabilitation of drug addicts. Open every year about 10 new Church structures assistance to drug addicts. Today is the Union of all the Church’s rehabilitation centers into a single network, which will become an integral part of the national system of rehabilitation. © RIA Novosti / Maria Sastrosasmita center addiction «rainbow» daughterSmoke here, but don’t have sex: how the Russian Orthodox Church treats drug addicts© RIA Novosti / Maria Sastrosasmita center addiction «rainbow» with my daughter