Spanish women’s basketball team won TH in the Czech Republic, the Russians again without medals

© RIA Novosti / Alexei Filippoupolitis in fotobabble the ball. Archival photoSpanish women’s basketball team won TH in the Czech Republic, the Russians again without medals© RIA Novosti / Alexei Filippoupolitis the image Bank

The players of the Spanish national team for the third time in history became the winners of the European championship, team Russia was eliminated from the fight for medals in the tournament held in the Czech Republic in the 1/8 final and failed to qualify for the world Cup 2018.

Russian women’s basketball team under the leadership of head coach Alexander Vasin according to forecasts of experts were among the contenders for the awards of Eurobasket 2017. The national team of Russia in comparison with European championship 2015 has undergone significant changes, and visibly rejuvenated – team tournament in the Czech Republic included just four players, whose age does not exceed 21.

In the group stage of the tournament, the Russians won two victories over commands of Latvia (71:59) and Montenegro (78:54), however, in overtime, lost to a strong national team of Belgium (75:76), led by Ann Wauters and Emma Massaman, with the result that came out of the group only from the second place. According to the rules, only the group winners go to the quarterfinals directly, and the teams that took second and third places still had to argue for the right to compete for medals in a kind of 1/8 finals.

The draw put the Russian national team with the Greek, which the team Vasina lost in a friendly match ahead of the European championship this loss in preparation for the tournament was only for Russians. On Tournament the Russian team is the national team of Greece to defeat also failed, losing by a score of 58:62 and left in the end behind six best teams of the tournament received tickets to the world Cup in Spain.

«Emotions – the pain, the frustration. Perhaps we are not worthy to be where now is Greece and the other teams, we probably are not ready,» said after losing the Russian national team captain Evgenia Belyakova. «The only objective the reason why we lost the game,» summed up head coach Bob.

For the world Cup in addition to mistresses of tournament of Spaniard, which permits and thus was guaranteed, eventually made the team of France, Belgium, Greece, Latvia and Turkey.

In the final anticipated clash between two of the main contenders for gold – teams of Spain and France. In the decisive game victory without any problems won the Spanish flu (71:55) under the leadership of head coach Lucas Mondelo, from last season, the head of the Kursk «Dynamo», which won the Euroleague, and the UMMC Ekaterinburg Alba Torrens was named the best player of the tournament. The European championship was the last competition for teams from two of the stars of European women’s basketball – the French Celine dumerc and Spaniard Laia Palau.

Bronze was won by the Belgian for the team’s best result in history and the first medal of the Eurobasket. In the match for third place the national team of Belgium defeated the Greek – 78:45. Champion of Europe-2015 Serb woman along with the Russians have become the losers of the tournament in the Czech Republic – they also got eliminated from the fight for medals and permits on the world Cup stage of the playoffs for the right to play in the quarterfinals.