The doctor said to the morgue. What to do if you cheated in private clinics

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Paid clinics is a growing segment of the market of medical services. Go there for the high level of service, lack of queues and modern methods of treatment. But, unlike, for example, a shop or a café, customer services are often not quite aware of what he pays. And it creates the perfect stage for all sorts of shenanigans. What to do if you know you’re getting screwed — in the material RIA Novosti.

Unable to help and earn

Andrew S., the capital of the entrepreneur, was in the hospital, a 95-year-old mother. Not just in an emergency, and as part of the commercial program reputable medical company. Money paid immediately: about 20 thousand rubles for the delivery of the pensioner in an ambulance from the country, and another 100 thousand so — called Deposit for treatment.

A week later, writing his mother from the hospital, Andrew received the estimate to 60 thousand rubles. In other words, about 40 thousand he was supposed to return. But this paper is why it was taken in the design Department of the clinic, where after a few days, announced the final sum to exactly 100 thousand 300 roubles. Where did the extra costs, no one to explain not going to…

So, what to do if you are faced with deception in the paid medical centers? The first step is a formal complaint to the address of the institution, said Vladimir starinskij, managing partner of the bar «starinsky, Cartago and partners.»

The claim should be required to provide as a receipt and justification of the cost of services according to the tariffs. Based on this response you can have to file a lawsuit and demand a refund.

If the desired reaction is not followed, the actions of the medical center can be appealed in court as a violation of consumer rights. «Chances of favorable outcome is very high, says starinsky. Especially if the company is unable to convincingly prove the validity of the withdrawal of the cheque and confirm the inflated cost of services. In any case, you should especially focus on the illegality of the fact of retention of receipts by the organization.»

Key documents in this case a patient needs, is a license medical facilities, the contract with the patient, price list of tariffs for medical services.

The case of regulated

Since we are talking about medical services, this problem falls into the area of responsibility of the health Ministry, reminds the lawyer of JSC «Civil compensation» Irina Fast. In the Supervisory authorities should apply in parallel with the court, if the claim had no effect.

«In this situation may be the revealed violations of licensing requirements by the medical institution, — said the lawyer. — On the given fact check will be organized by the office, and in case of detection of violations imputed to penalties. In our time, reputation is very expensive, because it is earned not a single year, and every self-respecting company values this time».
Call to order commercial clinic and epidemiology. «As the private clinic, told RIA Novosti the novel Alekhin, the founder of a network of salons orthotics «ortho-doctor» — only the CPS can help to return the money in case of consumer fraud». Not be amiss and preparing complaints to the Prosecutor’s office, in which you must specify on the illegal behavior of medical organization and ask them to carry out proper checks, says Ian Chernobyl, lawyer of the bar of the city of Moscow «Barshchevsky and partners».

The police on guard

If the conflict the hospital had gone too far, it is possible to start up in business and the penal code, said the lawyer Sergey Voronin, managing partner of the office «Legal decision.» The fact that such spontaneous «cheating» prices fall under article 159 of the criminal code — «Fraud». So, the patient can easily refer for this reason to the police. However, documents in the forms of statements and receipts should be on hand.

«Today in Russia there is an increasing number of cases involving conflicts of patients and pay hospitals, — said Voronin. — Trials are also a lot. But most of the disputes arise from the fact that the quality of services rendered does not match the cost, or the requirements spelled out in the contract. Known cases when work in medical clinics hire inexperienced doctors and especially trying to con the customer on additional services that allegedly paid separately — this is regarded as cheating».
Clinic, according to the lawyer, afraid of customer complaints to the police, so patients only threaten to contact law enforcement — and likely the problem will be solved.