The elections in Albania, previously a leader of the ruling party

© Fotolia / ollirgАлбания. Archival photoThe elections in Albania, previously a leader of the ruling party© Fotolia / ollirg

Socialist party of Albania, Prime Minister EDI Rama, the leader held on Sunday parliamentary elections with 50% of the vote, according to the Central election Commission (CEC) on the results of the vote count with a small number of sites.

Second place goes to the leading opposition Democratic party, which received about 27% of the vote.

The vote passed with the lowest turnout in the history of Albania since the fall of communism. According to preliminary data, in voting have taken part about 45% of the 3.4 million voters. Observers attribute this to the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Fitr on June 25 and the hot temperatures, sometimes over 35 degrees. In the parliamentary elections of 2013, turnout was 53%.

The voting situation was so deplorable, that the plots had been extended by decision of the CEC for one hour from 19.00 to 20.00 local time.

After the vote, some field staff began to refuse to count the ballots, citing fatigue and intending to continue work on Monday. In this regard, the head of Department Clement Shure publicly urged them to continue to perform the duties in accordance with the law, threatening fines and administrative investigations.

The vote was marked by isolated incidents and violations. The assistance of the police, according to official information, is required in 72 cases.

The citizens of the country on Sunday chose the 140 deputies of the unicameral Parliament in 12 administrative districts, while the threshold for representation in the legislature is 3% for parties and 5% for coalitions. For Deputy mandates claim 18 political associations.