The first stage of Falcon 9 back to a floating barge after launch

© AP Photo / SpaceX Falcon 9 via Arracacha. Archival photoThe first stage of Falcon 9 back to a floating barge after launch© AP Photo / SpaceX via AP

The first stage of the rocket Falcon 9 successfully landed on the floating platform in the Pacific ocean after launch from the spaceport Vandenberg with ten satellites Iridium NEXT, the broadcast is the owner of SpaceX rocket.

The Falcon 9 was launched from the spaceport Vandenberg on Sunday at 23:25 GMT. The estimated time occurred the separation of the first stage and approximately 8 minutes after launch, it landed vertically on a floating barge «Just Read the Instructions» («Just read the instructions») in the Pacific ocean.

The second stage rocket reached the intermediate orbit and continues mission at the conclusion of satellites in orbit. It is expected that the satellites will separate from the second stage after 50 minutes after the start.

The current launch of SpaceX’s upgraded first stage of the rocket with a titanium mesh keels are used for braking when entering the Earth’s atmosphere before landing. As the owner of the company Elon Musk, upgraded flaps can assume a basic heat stroke at return of the rocket.

SpaceX, which performs cargo flights to the ISS under contract with NASA, and also carries out commercial launches of satellites, work out the technology of reusable launch vehicle, carrying the landing of the first stage of the Falcon 9 to the launch site and on a platform in the Atlantic. The company believes that reuse of the first stage will reduce the cost of space flight. The first re-flight has returned after the launch of the Falcon 9 rocket took place this spring. For SpaceX it’s the second this week saved after running the first stage of Falcon 9.