The head of Tajikistan urged to spend money on education and not on holidays

© RIA Novosti / Lydia Isnavprint of Tajikistan Emomali RahmonThe head of Tajikistan urged to spend money on education and not on holidays© RIA Novosti / Lydia Isamova

The President of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon congratulated the citizens on the occasion of coming to the Republic on Monday Eid al-Fitr, marking the end of the Muslim Holy month of Ramadan, urging them to spend money not for the holidays, and the education and upbringing of children.

«In today’s controversial and tumultuous world of raising children, teaching them Sciences and knowledge of modern professions and crafts, as well as fencing of adolescents and youth from the negative influence of alien culture, from joining a variety of extremist and radical movements and groups are the primary tasks of parents, teachers, intellectuals, the public and, in General, every honest and worthy member of society,» the President said in his congratulatory message.

He urged residents of the country in this festive day, «refrain during nagrywania festive dastarkhan (festive table), to prevent waste, extravagance and not to forget that modesty and economy are some of the best qualities of people contribute to the increase of abundance in every home».

The head of state noted that «monies allocated for unnecessary expensive actions primarily should be aimed at elimination of shortcomings in the family, improving living conditions, education and training of children who are our future, and to help the needy and the poor, which is a good act.»

Eid al-Fitr, which marks the end of the Muslim Holy month of Ramadan, is celebrated in Tajikistan this year on June 26. This day early in the morning in the Cathedral mosque of Dushanbe city was held a festive service, which was conducted by the head of the Ulema Council of the country Saidakram of Abdulkodira. After the service, people visited the graves of their relatives, put them in order, and then gathered at the holiday table. More than 8.5 million Tajikistan, 98% of the population is Muslim.