The layout of the Russian landing platform ExoMars will be ready in 2018

© Photo : ESA/AOES MedialabРисунок Rover ExoMars programmeThe layout of the Russian landing platform ExoMars will be ready in 2018© Photo : ESA/AOES Medialab

The flight layout of the landing module of the second stage of the Russian-European ExoMars-mission 2020 will be assembled and sent to Italy for testing by the end of 2018 together with the whole complex of scientific equipment, reported RIA Novosti head of the laboratory of space research Institute (IKI) Russian Academy of Sciences Daniil Rodionov, participating in the SpaceOps workshop in ICA.

«We are now passed the stages of conceptual design, the fabrication stage of the design documentation and simple layouts. The flight model (with the complex scientific equipment) should be ready by the end of 2018,» he said.

After assembling the layout of the landing platform will be sent to Italy for testing. All 2019 the module will be tested in Cannes, and then in the beginning of 2020 will go to the cosmodrome «Baikonur».

ECOMAG («ExoMars») — the first in the history of cooperation between the European Union and Russia, the project to search for life on Mars. The first phase of the mission consisted of a European orbital module TGO with two Russian scientific instruments and crashed the lander Schiaparelli.

Mission 2020 will consist of a European Rover and developed by Russian scientists and engineers landing platform.